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3 More Marketing Tips To Maximize Holidays Sales

In our last blog, we offered up some tips for how to outdo your competitors during the holiday rush. We suggested creating short and sweet marketing messages, running holiday giveaways on social media and using trendy photography.

Here are three more marketing tips to maximize holiday sales:

1. Offer free gifts.

It is the season of giving after all, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love getting something for free? A free gift adds exceptional value to any purchase. Remember that, during the holiday shopping season, shoppers don’t just want gifts – they want reasons to keep supporting the stores they visit. Make it easy to choose your brand over others by offering valuable gifts to those who support your store this week.

“Brands can level up their revenue by using the marketing campaign of offering free gifts with each purchase during holidays,” says Snigdha Patel on, “It is a great way to join in on the holiday spirit and give away stuff for free. It makes your shoppers happy and gets them into the buying mood. You can offer something inexpensive that does not require extra shipping costs.”

2. Use annual customer data.

How did sales go at this time last year? Review your sales numbers from years past and consider marketing strategies that will help you to top those numbers. It only makes sense to do your research. Who knows your customers better than you? Speak to their needs. Anticipate their demands. Make shopping in your store a no-brainer given the information you’ve attained from previous holiday shopping seasons.

“Let customer data drive your end-of-year marketing push,” agrees Kirsten Allegri Williams of Optimizely on, “When the holiday season hits, you’ll have a whole year’s worth of data at your disposal. Reflect on what has tangibly worked well for you and your team, leverage your customer insights from the last year for a final push on areas where you’ve seen success and make note of where there is room for improvement in the coming year.”

3. Utilize video marketing.

What captures the attention of people more than videos these days? Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are all the rage because they allow users to post videos. Videos often get shared, helping them to go viral. Come up with a cool, funny and/or festive video to promote your store’s products this week. According to Patel, there is no better way to communicate a holiday message than with video.

“Video marketing allows you to market your overall brand, not just your products,” she writes, “Video campaigns have been shown to increase average order value and 64% of consumers said watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision. Include holiday-specific messaging in the video campaigns.”

Do you need some help launching your final holiday marketing campaign?

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Happy Holidays!

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