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3 More Effective Black Friday Marketing Techniques

Black Friday is only eight days away! In our last blog, we offered some tips to help you set up your shop for its biggest Black Friday yet. We listed personalizing your emails, creating urgency and designing website popups as tips.

Here are three more effective Black Friday marketing techniques:

1. Make sure your website is up to speed.

We mean that in both the figurative and literal sense. Firstly, even though Cyber Monday is regarded as the online equivalent of Black Friday, most retailers still offer their discounts via their websites. It’s vital that your website enables online shoppers to take advantage of your sales in order for your profits to be maximized. Secondly, it’s super important that your website loads quickly. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t want your site’s visitors to log off because it’s slow.

“In an event like Black Friday, customers expect online stores to load fast, so they can quickly find the best deals and purchases,” writes Angie V. on, “The ideal loading time for eCommerce websites is zero to four seconds as it has a 12% to 30% conversion rate. Longer than that, users begin to abandon their purchases, and the transactions decrease by 1% each second.”

2. Offer more than just discounts.

Keep in mind that consumers are expecting discounts from pretty much all retailers on Black Friday. The fact that you’re holding a sale won’t come as much of a surprise. By offering more than just discounts on Black Friday, you can help for your shop to stand out against its competitors. As Seray Keskin notes on, Black Friday is a good time to go beyond discounts and offer more benefits to your customers, such as free shipping, returns or bonuses.

“Estee Lauder knows this well and offers its Black Friday customers additional benefits,” she explains, “They combine Black Friday deals with their loyalty program and give 2x more points for purchases made on this day. It’s a smart tactic to increase the number of your loyalty program members and Black Friday customers. (And it costs you zero dollars.)”

3. Ramp up your social media activity.

It should come as no surprise to you that using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your Black Friday sales is a top recommendation. Collectively, billions of people use these platforms each and every day. Considering that it costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time each day, there is literally no reason to not be active on social media in the week to come. As Angie V. notes, social media can influence consumers’ purchase decisions by 71%.

“Optimize the social media accounts,” she advises, “Use a clear profile picture and branded cover photo. Include keywords relevant to the business in the bio. Make sure that all the featured links work. Leverage the social shopping feature. Merchants can connect their online store with platforms like Instagram and Facebook, allowing customers to buy directly from their feed. This feature helps eliminate frictions that can slow down their shopping experience.”

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