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3 Last Minute Black Friday And Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

This forthcoming Friday is Black Friday. The Monday that follows it is Cyber Monday. It is certainly no secret that these two days are the busiest shopping days of the year. With Christmas about a month away, this is the time of year when consumers are seeking gifts and looking for the best possible prices. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for offering discounts. But what can you do to ensure customers choose your store over others?

Here are three last minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing tips:

1. Provide the best customer service possible.

This is a marketing tactic that should be used all year round. It will, however, be especially important to offer exceptional customer service during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On these two days, you’re bound to welcome more foot and website traffic than normal. The need to make good impressions is paramount. According to Eng Tan of Simplr in a article, excellent customer service is what will set the high-performing companies apart from the rest — even Amazon.

“Customers will expect rapid-fire, 24/7 customer support for their pre-sale questions,” he writes, “The quicker those questions can be answered, the higher the chance that the customer will advance to checkout. A customer with an unanswered question stuck in a mile-long queue is as good as no customer at all…Make every channel available (email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, text, phone) and staff them accordingly.”

2. Reward your customers.

One of the best ways to enjoy a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to ensure that your customers return long after those days have passed. Consider offering a rewards program to the customers that support you this forthcoming weekend. In addition, you may wish to offer extra special incentives for those who make purchases between Friday and Monday. suggests such added benefits as shipping purchases for free when the total reaches a certain limit, adding a deeper discount when customers spend over a certain dollar amount and offering a future promo code to those who refer other customers.

3. Partner up with another business.

They say that “two heads are better than one”. So wouldn’t the same be true for two businesses? Keep in mind that competition will be fierce all weekend long. Nearly every retailer you can think of will be offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. Why not partner up with a non-competitor to expand your store’s reach? As Aaron Schwartz of Passport contends on, the real challenge is to introduce your brand to new audiences.

“We’re heading into our ninth holiday season, and the most successful tactic we’ve found is partnering with other brands who have the same target market,” he reveals, “Creating special bundles or even simply sharing ‘discounts from a few brands we think you’ll love’ will drive new and relevant traffic at the ideal time for them to purchase.”

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