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Why Fall Is A Good Season To Renovate Your Store

In one week’s time, the summer season will officially be over. The fall is on its way and many changes are coming. We’re not just talking about the colour of the leaves on the trees here. Your business will be experiencing an entirely new situation that may or may not be good for your sales numbers.

Firstly, there’s the colder weather. It’s bad enough that COVID-19 has placed restrictions on the ways in which people shop. But when it’s cold outside, people tend to stay at home more often. Secondly, depending on your store, you may not necessarily cater to the cold weather needs of consumers. There’s got to be something you can do to spark new interest in your brand, right? Perhaps it’s time to renovate your store! Fall is a pretty good time of year to do so.

Get a leg up on the competition.

Renovations have long shown to give companies competitive advantages. While your competitors may be giving your customer base the “same old, same old” this fall, your newly-renovated space will generate a bigger buzz than normal. In the retail business, there is a lot of competition. As Wagensomer Construction contends, remodelling is the perfect way to compete with other businesses.

“Even the smallest retail store has to create a brand image and renew it every few years,” reads their website, “Image is everything, so you don’t want the space to look stale. Even current customers will appreciate the new look, and you could actually win some back that gave up on you years ago. Plus, you will be luring in new customers by remodelling the outdated space. Get ready to dominate the market this year with a fresh new look.”

Boost the spirits of your employees.

The cold weather can often cause people to feel dreary and depressed. The absence of warm and sunny days also disables your business from conducting any outdoor festivities. That means your team will be stuck inside for the duration of the fall and winter. Renovating your store will help to bring new energy to your place of business. It will excite your employees in ways that can assist in boosting their performances.

“A renovation is successful when it makes work easier and more enjoyable,” says Furhmann Construction, “Colour and design inspire new ideas and increase enthusiasm. Work areas are designed to increase the functionality of space while break meal spaces should allow employees to relax to rejuvenate them for a more productive afternoon. A break room with a few interesting games might just be what your employees need to relax.”

Maximize your retail space.

With COVID-19 still an issue, it’s important to allow for physical distancing in your place of business. A renovation can help to make better use of your sales floor by creating additional space where necessary.

“Commercial remodelling isn’t just about looks,” Wagensomer Construction points out, “Sure, the business image is highly important but so is how well you use the space. Letting a commercial designer work with you for the retail renovation will help you make the most of the available space you have.”

Synergy Merchants offers Canadian business owners the opportunity to take advantage of a unique merchant cash advance program. Many have used this alternative source of business funding for renovations. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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