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Using Creative Marketing Strategies That Put Your Customers First

Like most small business owners, you’re probably pretty proud of your company. And you should be. Owning and running a business is no simple feat. No one needs to tell you that a lot of work – also known as “blood, sweat and tears” – goes into launching a business. You’re also very likely aware of the hardships that are associated with keeping a business afloat – never mind making it successful.

But, of course, making your company successful is certainly something you must be mindful of. But how do you know the best avenues to take to grow your business? What are the right moves to make to get your business to the top of its industry? In many cases, it’s all about being creative. But no matter how creative you get with your marketing strategies, it’s always important to put the customer first.

What is the benefit of having a customer-first marketing strategy? When customers are made aware that you have their best interests of heart, you don’t just encourage them to make purchases from you – you encourage them to become loyal supporters of your brand for many years to come. In today’s world, consumers place a lot of value on the relationships they have with the businesses they support.

On, Jeffrey Hayzlett highlights the need for small business owners to get personal with their customers. It’s not that you have to become anyone’s best friend, he intimates. However, it’s important to keep your supporters engaged with your business so that you can learn how to address their specific needs. Personalizing your marketing efforts to make people feel special is the true name of the game.

“There are easy ways to make your business a little more personal,” writes Hayzlett, “For example, I’m a loyal customer at my local steak house. Every time I go, the seating host knows my name and the waiter has my favourite scotch waiting for me…Getting personal with consumers equates to more emotionally connected customers who will help drive word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews.”

How impactful is providing free help? As mentioned earlier, customers like to feel valued. That means that they don’t always want to feel like they’re constantly being sold to. Instead, by striking up genuine conversations that help you to learn their likes and dislikes, you will both better learn how your business can meet their needs and offer them examples of why they should keep supporting your brand.

On, Chris W. Dunn explains that providing useful information – a totally free service that also costs you nothing – can go a long way in building customer loyalty. “Information marketing has proven to be highly effective in increasing sales,” he reveals, “By educating your audience on problems that they care about, you are also not only growing your customer base but also positioning yourself as the solution.”

Naturally, there are many different customer-focused marketing strategies that you can employ. And for most of them, you’ll require some extra working capital so that you can properly afford the campaign. At Synergy Merchants, we pride ourselves on making it easy for Canadian business owners to get their hands on the much-needed cash for their advertising goals. Be sure to reach out to us to learn more about our merchant cash advance program today!

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