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The Art Of Keeping A Cool Company Culture All Summer Long

Now that the summer season is officially underway, students from all over Canada will be spending the next couple of months gleefully outside of the classroom. The rest of us, however, continue to go to work no different than before. We don’t get summer vacations the way school kids do. For many adults, that can be a bit stressful. As a business owner, one of your top objectives, during the summer, should be finding ways to boost employee morale.

What can you do to keep a cool company culture all summer long?

Host themed dress-up days.

Bring a little fun and excitement into your office by introducing “Hawaiian Shirt Day” or “80’s Outfit Day”. Such themed dress-up days can inject senses of playfulness and creativity into the work environment. This simple yet effective technique encourages employees to express themselves. They also get a break from the monotony of everyday work life to bond over some shared laughter. Don’t forget to tie your events to team-building activities or contests!

“Introducing themed dress-up days is an effective method to disrupt the routine of daily work,” says Rad Aswani of Kumospace, “When everyone gets involved and dresses up according to the theme, it sparks laughter, friendly competition, and a sense of camaraderie. Such days serve as a dynamic strategy to invigorate team spirit and morale, fostering a workplace brimming with positivity.”

Organize outdoor team-building activities.

Take advantage of the wonderfully warm weather that summer provides you. Organize a friendly game of softball, a picnic in the park or a scavenger hunt around your business location. Getting outside can do wonders for team morale. The activities you introduce will foster camaraderie, improve communication and provide a refreshing change of scenery from the usual office setting. The chance to unwind and recharge can also lead to increased productivity and creativity.

“Outdoor team building activities have a unique way of fostering team spirit and creating a sense of unity,” reports Ronna of ForestFix, “The shared experiences presented by the forest naturally lead to stronger interpersonal relationships. When team members engage in tasks together, the collective effort fosters a deep sense of camaraderie.”

Implement summer hours.

Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to spend more time in the sunshine? By allowing a flexible schedule, you show your team that you value their work-life balance. Consider half-day Fridays or extended lunch breaks. These small adjustments to the traditional work schedule can make a big difference. They will allow employees more time to enjoy the summer weather with their families and friends. Remember that happy and relaxed employees are often more productive and engaged.

“A weather-based flexible timetable makes employees happy and focused,” asserts Masooma Memon for G2, “With the increased focus, employees can get more work done. It’s easy to suspect remote work on Fridays or the day off as a negative productivity influencer. Opinion Research Corporation’s study suggests otherwise though. It found that 66% of employees who enjoy summer hour perks are more productive.”

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