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Cooking Up An Enticing Company Culture At Your Restaurant

Restaurants are places that bring joy to people for so many more reasons than just good food. While delicious eats are imperative, a great restaurant is one that has an inviting atmosphere and friendly customer service. As should be common knowledge, there’s no way for a restaurant to provide excellent experiences without giving its employees amazing times too. How strong is the company culture at your eatery?

Creating a positive and vibrant company culture both boosts employee morale and enhances dining experiences for customers. So what can you do to cook up an enticing company culture at your restaurant?

Implement a cultural exchange program.

The beauty of Canada is that it is home to a diverse range of people who have backgrounds from all over the world. By creating a cultural exchange program at your restaurant, you can help your employees to learn about different cultures through food. Invite your team members to share recipes, stories and traditions from their various ethnic backgrounds. A cultural exchange program will both foster a sense of inclusivity and enrich the culinary knowledge of your team.

According to Sling, “hiring a diverse team can have a positive effect on your company culture because it brings more unique perspectives into the mix. When you build your company culture with diversity in mind, you can harness the power of those perspectives for the betterment of everyone involved.”

Spice up the workweek with themed days.

We are all pretty familiar with such occasions as “Taco Tuesday” or “Seafood Saturday”. Add a little additional flavour to the work weeks of your employees by encouraging them to dress up or decorate the restaurant according to specific themes. Doing so will add a fun element to the workplace. Changing things up with new and inventive celebrations like “Wine Wednesdays” can make things exciting for both employees and customers.

“With a winemakers’ dinner, guests have the opportunity to taste a selection of wines in a whole new way: properly paired with delicious foods, and with background on the grapes, the wine and the reasons why they taste so exquisite with each carefully selected course,” explains Superb, “It’s a chance for your chef to partner with a winemaker for a truly unique event.”

Set up an employee recognition wall.

There are few things better than showing your appreciation that will help employees to enjoy coming into work. Why not create a wall of fame that highlights your outstanding employees each month? This could include such categories as Employee of the Month, Most Creative Dish or Best Customer Service. Acknowledging the hard work of your team members publicly will go a long way in boosting morale and motivating others to excel.

“By recognizing the efforts of individual team members, you can create an engaged and positive work environment,” writes Kristel Alissa for SnackNation, “The public display of recognition for accomplishments helps to boost morale, keep employees focused on common goals, and inspire peak performance from all staff members.”

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