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Spring Forward With Fresh Marketing Ideas

We’re almost there! Just two more days and the spring season will officially be here! The winter always seems to overstay its welcome, doesn’t it? So we’re sure you join us in looking forward to the beginning of the new, warmer season.

How do you plan on celebrating the start of spring? As a business owner, there are numerous ways to welcome the end of winter that will help your business to grow like the forthcoming flowers!

Launch weather-based sales events.

You’d be hard pressed to find a Canadian who isn’t happy that warmer days are on their way. Take advantage of the upcoming warm and sunny days by offering special discounts to your customers when they arrive. How about a deal where customers get 15% off select items when the weather is warmer than 15 degrees Celcius?

“Use language in your email marketing, social media posts, and other efforts, talking about being active, starting new projects, traveling, enjoying time outside with family and friends, etc.,” recommends Angela Diniak on, “Don’t be afraid to use symbols and images of good weather like blue skies and sunshine to get people in the mood to take action. Slide in some special buys or sales on strategic products to increase clicks and sales.”

Support a local charity.

Usually, when the snow melts away, so does the inspiration to help out charitable initiatives. We’re all quite used to food and toy drives during the holiday season. So why not go against the grain and support a charity of your choice to celebrate spring’s start? Be sure to promote your partnership with the organization you choose on social media. You may even wish to take things a step further by initiating your own fundraiser. The combination of supporting a good cause and marketing your business will greatly help to shine a favourable light on your brand.

“This spring, your marketing campaign ideas could include holding a contest, asking the community for food donations,” suggests Mark Lauer on, “Consider offering extra incentives to your customers, such as donors getting a percentage off their purchases. This effort could also attract local media attention. This spring marketing idea makes your company and brand more recognizable, and a local charity benefits too. It is a win-win.”

Host a spring photo contest.

It can be argued that Instagram is the most popular social media platform in use today. People absolutely love sharing and viewing photos and videos. Make sure your business gets in on the action this spring. Consider hosting a photo contest that offers entrants the opportunity to win free products or an even bigger grand prize. The buzz you generate will significantly boost your brand recognition.

“This fun spring marketing idea has the power to really boost user-generated content and spread the message of your brand,” says Diniak, “Make the reward exciting — perhaps the hottest product in your lineup or even a trip to the beach…Be creative and fun and watch the clicks, shares, and sales fly high as a kite.”

Allow us to help!

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