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It’s Not Too Late To Spring Clean Your Business

We’re just coming off a very special holiday, here in Canada. On behalf of the entire Synergy Merchants team, we hope that you greatly enjoyed your Victoria Day long weekend! Also, affectionately referred to as “May Two-Four”, the holiday weekend is regularly considered the unofficial start of summer.

The truth, however, is that spring still has another month to go. And that means there’s still plenty of time to “spring clean” your business. Cleaning up around the office can take on many forms. A literal clean up can certainly work wonders in creating a more productive work space. Tying up loose cables, eliminating clutter and throwing up obsolete equipment all comes with the territory.

Don’t forget to spring clean your online presence.

This is a facet of spring cleaning that often goes overlooked. When is the last time you updated the profile pictures of your company’s social media accounts? Have you spruced up your website any time recently? Keeping your online presence in a stagnant state won’t do much to endear visitors to your profiles to check your business out. Regular updates are imperative if you want to give the impression that your business is active and successful.

On, Erik Sherman reminds us all to check all of the links that appear on our websites and social media pages to make sure they’re not dead ends. “This goes well beyond your main site and extends into emails, newsletters, and other marketing collateral,” he writes, “The inevitable shifts in page structures and URLs can send people to page-not-found messages. Find the errors before your customer.”

Keep your office organized.

It’s important that we reiterate that a neat and tidy office is often a productive one. When things are a mess, it usually indicates havoc in the workplace. Make it easy on your employees to find all of the necessary documents and tools of the trade by not having them sift through constantly accumulating clutter.

“Organize your desk AND drawers,” insists entrepreneur, Melanie Duncan on her website, “If you get overwhelmed, try starting from scratch: empty your drawers and desk into a box then only put items back into the desk or drawers as you need them. If, after several weeks, there are things still in the box — toss them or store them somewhere else!”

Perhaps, renovations are in order.

Of course, the above mentioned suggestions are some of the more simple approaches to spring cleaning your business. However, if your company is in need of a major overhaul, now would be a great time to move ahead with your plans to renovate. By starting the summer season with a brand new look for your business, you are bound to generate much greater interest in it.

Remember that warm weather encourages more people to leave their homes. That gives your business more opportunities to welcome new customers! Contact Synergy Merchants today to find out how our unique merchant cash advance program can quickly get you the money you need to begin your company’s renovations.

Simply give us a call at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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