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The Importance Of Teamwork For Business Success

“Provide me with an example of how your ability to work well within a team led to a successful outcome for the business you worked for.” That first sentence is something a hiring manager may pose to a potential new hire to ensure that he/she would be a good fit within the company’s culture. For most businesses, working on a team comes with the territory of each job position. Finding job candidates who make excellent team members, therefore, is of paramount importance. Good teamwork breeds business success.

What are the benefits of teamwork to a business? It’s hard to know where to begin. But, perhaps we’ll start with the fact that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Good teams are able to utilize the strengths of each member in order to be able to support others in areas where they need help. Some people are technology experts while others are better with the creative realm. Some people are incredibly organized while others are highly enthusiastic. Knowing everyone’s talents helps business owners to delegate tasks easier.

“One of the benefits of strong teamwork in the workplace is that team leaders and members become proficient at dividing up tasks so they are done by the most qualified people,” says George N. Root III on, “Without strong teamwork, it can be difficult for managers and executives to determine which staff members can best accomplish job tasks.”

Encouraging teamwork in the workplace is also great for helping to spark ideas. The “two heads are better than one” theory plays a big role in helping company’s land on their best decisions for marketing and product/service innovations. “What can we do to better the customer experience?” This is a question best answered by a number of different individuals with different perspectives in order to land on the perfect solution.

“Teams in the workplace often meet to discuss how to solve company issues,” writes Root, “When a team works well together, it allows staff members to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions. Team members become accustomed to processing brainstorming information, and the company benefits from the variety of suggestions that come from effective teams.”

What is the downside to working alone? Of course, when individuals work alone, they do not have the benefit of being able to bounce ideas off of co-workers. They are left to themselves to come up with solutions on their own. This doesn’t always make for the best outcomes as there is no feedback to draw alternative conclusions from. On, Edmond Lau explains that working alone decreases output quality and reduces learning.

“A tight feedback cycle is critical to achieving a productive state of flow, and the earlier that you can get feedback, the less likely that you’ll waste time going down the wrong path and earlier you’ll know to correct your course,” he notes, “In practice, one place where this shows up in software development is that it’s significantly easier for someone to review your code and to give good feedback if they actually work on the same team as you.”

At Synergy Merchants, we’re well aware of the importance of teamwork. Our team of funding specialists regularly confer with each other in order to continually improve upon their knowledge and ability to provide excellent customer service. Together, the members of our team work to provide Canadian business owners with the best solution to their needs for extra working capital.

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