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The Importance Of Getting Money Within 24 Hours

No one is a big fan of waiting. It seems to be one of those universal things that we can all agree on, for the most part. Waiting in long line ups, holding the phone waiting for a representative to pick up or worse…waiting at home for a maintenance worker to arrive between the hours indicated by his/her company’s customer service rep. Waiting can pretty much be equated to a waste of time. And when it comes to getting money for your business, it’s really no different!

One of the main reasons that Synergy Merchants’ merchant cash advance program is so beneficial for small to medium-sized business owners in Canada is that the waiting process really isn’t a waiting process at all. Our clients are eligible to receive funding for their businesses within 24 hours! Try getting money that fast from a bank. The process by which a business loan is provided is usually a long and arduous one.

Why is getting money quickly so important?

In many cases, business owners need their money for immediate purposes. Take, for example, an unexpected emergency. If there is an issue taking place at a business that requires attention right away, waiting days or weeks to receive money isn’t exactly helpful. Many business owners find themselves in tough positions when the machinery or equipment required to perform their jobs breaks down.

In such cases, they need to make immediate repairs or even purchases of new equipment in order to replace the old ones. Getting money within 24 hours allows them to do that. Having to wait to get the necessary funding can put a stop to their business practices. This obviously hurts their bottom lines. However, it doesn’t just take an emergency for money to be required in a timely fashion.

What other reasons would business owners require funding right away?

Many retailers purchase inventory during the summer months in order to stock their warehouses and stores for the following fall and winter months. They find that stocking up on winter clothing during the summer is lucrative because they can purchase the items at far cheaper rates by buying them in bulk before the season when they are in demand.

And while they stand to make significant profits when the colder months arrive, it requires a substantial investment to secure the inventory at that time of year. As a result, they need to get their hands on extra working capital quickly so that they don’t lose out on the opportunities to buy their inventory at cheaper rates and while supplies last.

How are we able to get you money so quickly?

With our merchant cash advance program, we don’t need to put you through the long and drawn-out process that your bank would put you through. We don’t do any credit checks and we don’t require collateral. You don’t need to formulate a business plan that explains, in detail, exactly what you’re doing with the money and how you intend on making it back. The application process is a quick and easy one.

Contact us to learn more! You can be funded within 24 hours! Please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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