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The Benefits Of A Free, No Obligation Quote

At Synergy Merchants, we believe so strongly in the benefits of our merchant cash advance program that we offer Canadian business owners something for free just to be given the chance to discuss those benefits. We offer free, no obligation quotes! That means that, at absolutely no cost or agreement to take any money, we provide detailed information about how much money a merchant can receive through our program and how much the advance will cost.

What is needed in order to receive a free, no obligation quote?

We simply need to review your monthly statements that show your credit card and debit card sales totals. With the ability to determine an average monthly sales amount via the total shown on the statements, we’ll be able to inform you of how much money you’re eligible for and what the one-time cost will be. Unlike a business loan, there is no interest rate. You’ll know immediately how much accepting the advance will cost you.

But, as mentioned, with there being no obligation, you’re not required to accept the advance that is offered to you. You can, however, choose to receive a lesser amount which would, of course, come with a lower one-time fee. The cost of the advance depends on the amount of money you take. There are some other factors involved as well, however, there is no formal application process. One of our Funding Managers will be sure to give you all of the pertinent details. All in all, you can be approved in as little as 4 hours and funded within a day!

Have one of our Funding Managers contact you!

We’ve made it easier than ever to get a free, no obligation quote from us. You can provide us will all of the information we need right here on our website! It only takes a few seconds to fill out this Application Form. Simply fill out the boxes that request your first and last name, phone number, email address, business name and business website.

Then using the drop down boxes, please select the amounts of cash you require (you may request up to $50,000) and your average monthly credit and debit sales. As mentioned, this will help us to deliver you an offer to meet your specific needs. Finally, simply select the best time to call you in the last drop down box which allows you to select from morning, afternoon, evening or ASAP!

What happens when you complete the application form?

Once you have completed the form, a Funding Manager will reach out to you to discuss your cash advance options. With the information you provide us, it will take next to no time to get you the information you need and to walk you through the easy steps to get your business funded. Of course, you can always contact us directly if you’d like to ask some questions and get some more details about our merchant cash advance program.

Please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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