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How To Prepare Your Store For Halloween

In our last blog, we offered Canadian business owners some great ideas about how they can get their stores Thanksgiving-ready. Yes, Thanksgiving is a little under a month away. But you can never go wrong with planning well in advance. The ever-popular Halloween celebration, of course, takes place on October 31st. There’s certainly no reason to delay spooking up your store a little bit to attract shoppers between now and the special day!

But how else can you prepare your store for Halloween?

Step up how you “treat” your customers.

We’d argue that there is no better treat to offer your customers than amazing customer service. Never forget that most consumers value their experiences over the products and services they received. They’re aware they can buy what they want from a variety of businesses. It’s the businesses that make customers feel the best about their experiences that get loyal support. Be sure to get your staff to step up their friendly attitudes in the weeks to come.

“Every holiday should be marked in your employees’ calendar, for holidays are time when all their skills are put to the ultimate test,” notes Kirill Tšernov on, “Holidays, Halloween included, are when even usually polite customers begin to elbow each other out of the way in hopes of getting to the front of the line.”

Decorate your store with a spooky look and feel.

Sure – this tip may belong in the “obvious” column. But, there’s certainly no good reason for us to omit it from our list of tips for preparing your store for Halloween. Halloween decorations help to get people in fun and festive moods for the extremely-popular day. And happy customers are customers who like to spend money! As Daisy Nguyen points out on, shoppers are most willing to pay real money when they are in the mood.

“Why do offline-retailers spend about $60 billion annually on in-store display for special events?” she queries, “Because customers are much more lavish when being emotionally affected. If you’re doing online business, you’re saving much more than offline retailers in decorating and changing the look and feel of your store.”

Blog for the season.

Straight out of the “practice what we preach” column comes our advice for you to blog. Blogging is an excellent way to develop your brand’s voice and regularly communicate with your target audience with the help of inventive content. As Halloween approaches, be sure to utilize your blog by providing such content as Halloween safety tips and even recipes for sweet treats. The blogs will help to grow your online presence.

“Halloween is not only an excuse to have fun with friends,” says Tšernov, “It’s also a nice occasion to write some terrific content. Around the end of October each year, blogs are filled with articles like 13 Spooky Tips on Halloween Customer Service, The Ultimate Drinks for Your Halloween Party, or even How to Prepare Your Store for Halloween. (Crazy, I know!)”

No matter what marketing strategy or advertising campaign you choose to prepare your store for Halloween, Synergy Merchants’ unique merchant cash advance program can help you afford it. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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