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How To Have High Post-Mother’s Day Sales

On behalf of the entire Synergy Merchants team, we hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Mommies everywhere certainly deserve to be celebrated. And we’re definitely not talking about doing so only one day of the year!

As a business owner, this is a mindset you should hold on to.  Even though Mother’s Day has passed, there’s no reason to stop celebrating mothers. And there’s no reason to forget the special day when promoting your business going forward.

Keep your Mother’s Day sales going!

We’ve all heard of last minute shoppers. But don’t forget there is also such a thing as after-the-fact shoppers. People with busy schedules, who were out of town or just simply forgot about the big day will be heading to the malls this week to look for gifts for their moms. Be the store owner who can accommodate their post-Mother’s Day needs. As Hanna Andrzejewska points out on, Mother’s Day is NOT over when it’s over.

“Stats show that emails with a ‘Mother’s Day’ subject line still receive quite high open rates a week after the holiday,” she informs us, “This might be because adult children often buy at the last minute and celebrate with their Mothers afterwards, due to other responsibilities. So anytime around or after the second weekend of May is perfect for your Mother’s Day special offer.”

Ask your customers to share their Mother’s Day experiences.

One of the best ways to engage your customers this week is to ask them to share their Mother’s Day experiences through their social media feeds. Host a contest that offers opportunities for Mother’s Day stories to be selected at random for winners of special grand prizes. The contest will elicit a lot of excitement during a period of time when you may usually encounter a dip in sales. Not to mention, it will help to boost your brand’s social media buzz – always a plus!

“Mother’s Day isn’t just about giving gifts,” Francesca Nicasio reminds us on, “The heart-warming stories or photos that people share about their moms also play a big role during the occasion. This year, give your customers the chance to tell you more about their moms (so you can drive engagement while you’re at it).”

Maintain your Mother’s Day window displays.

People who love to shop are often attracted to stores that have eye-catching window displays. For the rest of May, most shoppers will assume that Mother’s Day displays won’t be seen. By keeping your displays up and adding a “Post-Mother’s Day Sale On Now!” sign, you’ll be sure to attract customers in ways other stores will not.

“Make no mistake, people will turn to retailers for Mother’s Day gift ideas,” says Nicasio, “Put your store on their radar by sprucing up your store for the occasion. Make it clear that you’re selling something for Mother’s Day by spelling it out on your windows.”

No matter the advertising method you choose to boost your post-Mother’s Day sales, Synergy Merchants can help you with your new marketing campaign. For information about our unique merchant cash advance program, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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