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How To Garner Repeat Business After The Back To School Season

In our last blog, we listed a number of ways retailers can get parents to select their stores for back to school shopping. We focused on such marketing tactics as creating back to school landing pages for their websites, sending out email newsletters and running contests on social media.

But what can be done to garner repeat business after the back to school season?

Offer discounts on future purchases.

The key to getting customers to come back after the back to school shopping season is to outright give them reasons to do so! Did you create a memorable customer experience? Did you provide exceptional service? Do you have any discounts to offer on future purchases? All consumers love the prospect of saving money. Be sure to offer incentives that will put your store in the minds of shoppers once the school season starts.

“Back to School is a great time to give shoppers a reason to come back and shop again soon (and not wait until next school year to return to your site),” says, “Engage and upsell these customers with a discount on their next order using multiple campaign drips to remind them of the nearing expiration of their offer. Also feature unique product recommendations based on past purchase behaviour or category affinity to further pique their interest.”

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

This tip cannot be stressed enough. Please know that the vast majority of shoppers do their browsing online before they visit any brick and mortar store locations. Also know that the vast majority of online shopping takes place on mobile devices. Do the math. Insist upon having a mobile-friendly site or lose out on a lot of business!

“According to Shopify, sellers are realizing the highest sales and conversions from mobile devices, as more and more people are using their smartphones to shop online during the pandemic,” reports Jules on, “It makes no sense to run successful back-to-school marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, only to send your buyers to a site that is not mobile-friendly.”

Make it fun to shop in your store.

Even with the pandemic still burdening our day-to-day routines, it’s still possible to create a fun atmosphere at your place of business, isn’t it? Can you host a contest or a raffle? Is it feasible to give away free items with each purchase? Do you have music and/or videos playing? Even the smallest gestures can make the biggest differences. For people to want to come back to your store, it must provide more than just items to buy.

“In a recent study, we…found that 80% of stay-at-home parents (who have the availability to shop during the day) say they shop in-store because of boredom,” reports, “Back to School is an essential time to take advantage of the extra foot traffic to brick and mortar locations. Track the purchase behaviours of these customers to deliver personalized follow-up emails featuring relevant items or promos based on what they bought in-store.”

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