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How To Develop An All-Star Team At Your Business

Tonight marks the 90th Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Also known as the “Midsummer Classic”, the annual match-up between the American League All-Stars and the National League All-Stars will take place at Cleveland’s Progressive Field. The lone participant from our hometown Toronto Blue Jays is starting pitcher, Marcus Stroman. He’s had quite the impressive year so far.

As you’re likely aware, each All-Star team is made up of the best players from each of MLB’s two leagues. Generally speaking, “best” is determined by the output of each player so far in the season, which is currently at the approximate midway point. Who are the best players on your team? What can you do to help everyone improve so that you have an All-Star team at your place of business?

Put your players in the right positions.

One of the top jobs of a baseball team’s manager is to assign his players to specific positions on the field. Naturally, his players must be put in positions that best suit their strengths. Your job as a business owner is quite similar. It’s up to you to utilize the unique and specific skills of each of your team members in order to maximize productivity and elicit top-quality performances.

“No two employees are alike,” informs, “Each person has different experiences, strengths, and weaknesses that make them a valued member of your team…Knowing who on your team excels at a particular skill, and finding ways for them to spend time on work they enjoy, can help streamline tasks and projects.”

Don’t shy away from mound visits.

In 2018, Major League Baseball introduced a new rule that limited teams to no more than six mound visits per game. A mound visit is when a manager, coach or player approaches the pitcher on the mound to confer about the game. Such short meetings can be just as beneficial for your business. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open between you and your team members so that they will always feel comfortable asking for advice and receiving feedback.

“Meetings shouldn’t get in the way of productivity or be a waste of time, but teams should still meet regularly to touch base, check in on progress and goals, throw ideas around and build awareness about what each member is working on,” says, “Plan regular meetings to reconnect, but make sure the time is used efficiently and effectively and consider switching things up by trying a walking meeting or meeting in a different place, like a coffee shop.”

Encourage teamwork.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the importance of teamwork can never be understated. The same can be said for your office. When you encourage your staff members to collaborate with each other, you will boost employee morale, spawn better unified efforts and increase production overall.

“Just because you work in a different department doesn’t mean you can’t work together,” reminds us, “After all, you’re working toward the same goal as part of a larger company. Knowing what other teams are working on can encourage teams to collaborate with one another when work and goals overlap.”

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