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How To Create A Jingle For Your Business

We’ve all heard them. And most of us can remember quite a few off the top of our heads. Catchy jingles are among the absolute best ways to market a business. They are stick-in-your-head methods of branding that are hard to beat. The key to a catchy jingle, however, is to ensure that it incorporates repetition, rhyming and words that are easy to remember and recite. At least, this is what is said by Neha B Deshpande on

“Jingles play an important role in endorsing a product,” she writes, “They linger in the buyers’ minds, thereby luring and convincing them to buy that product.” We find it hard to argue that point. When we type the words, “Sleep Country Canada, why buy a mattress anywhere else?”, do you not have a melody ringing in your head? We’d argue it’s one of the catchiest jingles we know!

It’s best to keep it simple.

Simply put, the simpler, the better. Your objective with your jingle is to ensure that it is easy to remember and sing along to. With the Sleep Country Canada example, they simply stated their company name and asked a question. The catchiness of it all is what helps for it to stick in our heads. Whoever came up with the jingle understood the importance of simplicity.

“The lyrics as well as the tune should be simple, so that it is easy to remember and hum,” insists Deshpande, “Choose words that are easy to understand. Going totally offbeat or using flowery words or jargon will not help, as they will make the jingle difficult to recite/sing. Strike a balance between being too creative and too simplistic.”

Turn your phone number into a “hit song”.

Here’s another great example of a catchy jingle: “9-6-7-eleven-eleven”. The Ontario-based pizza chain, Pizza Pizza made a big splash in the 1980s when it released commercials containing jingles that made a virtual hit song out of the company’s phone number. Many people, to this day, can recall the tune of the 967-1111 phone number and herald it as the reason they still call Pizza Pizza for pizza orders to this day.

“Adored by Pizza Pizza founder, brain trust and CEO Michael Overs, this untouchable ditty was unceremoniously dumped by the chain after he passed away in 2010,” reports Ed Conroy on, “Although replaced by a compositionally challenged, clunky melody only slightly blander than some of the pies it’s selling, the original remains a legend and the sole reason why everyone remembers their phone number.”

Make it easy to sing.

Remember that most people can’t carry a tune like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. This is why catchy jingles aren’t generally sung by high-range vocalists. Instead, the melodies are written in such a way that the average person can sing or hum along to it.

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