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How The Return Of Hockey Can Be Good For Your Business

Undeniably, the return of the National Hockey League is an exciting time for people all across Canada. The majority of us anticipate the beginning of each new season of hockey with great excitement. With the NHL regular season having kicked off last week, hockey fans nationwide are currently in the midst of renewing rivalries and spending anxious moments in front of their TV sets. As a business owner, the return of hockey can also be good for your business!

Think of a hockey-themed promotion.

Consider the ways in which a hockey-themed promotional campaign could invigorate members of your target audience. Perhaps you could set up a contest in your store that asks people to enter their guesses for winners of upcoming games. Select the winning guesses from a hat in order to offer a lucky contestant a special prize.

You may also want to introduce a game that can get your customers physically involved. Set up a hockey net and give each of your visitors the opportunity to shoot a lightweight plastic ball or puck (one that won’t cause any injuries or damage). Give everyone who scores a card that offers a discount on their purchases.

It’s all about making things fun!

On, Ralph Heibutzki explains that games also work wonders with employees. In addition to using games to excite customers, in-office games help to energize workers. Especially when the games have educational purposes (such as teaching about new product lines), they can serve to significantly increase employee morale.

“Games provide a creative way to boost morale and familiarity with a company’s products,” writes Heibutzki, “That’s how Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch developed an annual ‘Beer Jeopardy’ quiz to improve knowledge of his Sam Adams brand, according to ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine’s August 2012 issue. Prizes include overseas trips, which give a fun goal to meet as employees gain a deeper understanding of their industry.”

Activities help to alleviate boredom.

Sometimes, long days at work can be gruelling. A work day that includes some fun activities, however, can work to keep your employees motivated. Not to mention, when you introduce in-office competitions that seek to boost performances, you’ll notice a rise in overall productivity. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for jobs well done? In addition, in-office competition is great for team bonding.

“Sports competitions are simple to run and burn off excess energy away from the office,” says Heibutzki, “If your office has a pingpong or foosball table, try holding a one-day or week-long tournament, ‘TLNT’ magazine suggests. Pair experienced players with novices, which keeps the occasion fun and gives employees the chance to know each other better.”

Get the money you need to launch your new sports-themed campaign.

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