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How Small Business Owners Can Pick Up Their Sales During The Fall

The fall season is well known for its changing leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything and crisp, cool weather. For some business owners, however, fall is synonymous with seasonal slump in sales. That’s no fun! Does your business typically experience a dip in revenue during the autumn months? What creative strategies can you implement to turn the autumn slowdown into an opportunity for growth?

Create fall-themed themed promotions and events.

Instead of feeling down on your luck, why not celebrate autumn and all of its festivities? Remember that the season brings us many festive occasions that can help you spark creative promotional ideas. Think along the lines of a “Fall Frenzy” sale or a Halloween-themed contest. Aligning your marketing efforts with the season’s joyous celebrations gives customers more reasons to visit your business during this time of year.

To entice visitors, don’t neglect to transform your store’s ambiance with fall-themed decor. Create an inviting atmosphere that makes customers feel like they’re stepping into an autumn wonderland. Incorporate warm colours, fall foliage and cozy lighting. Update your window displays to showcase your seasonal products and draw in passersby. A visually appealing store can make shopping at your establishment an enjoyable experience.

Step up your online presence.

Update your company website, optimize it for search engines and ensure that it is user-friendly. Promote your autumn-inspired products and consider running targeted online advertising campaigns to reach a broader audience. As well, don’t forget how vital it is to use social media as a marketing tool. Be sure to post fun, engaging and relevant content on all of your accounts. Don’t make it all about your products. The key to social media success is being social!

 “Consider implementing polls, encouraging comments and adding resources that apply to your audience even if it doesn’t promote your services specifically,” advises Lissie Kidd on, “Plainly speaking, a non-stop sales pitch is not what your audience wants. Ask yourself what do you like seeing from the companies you follow on social media and what makes for a great post. This is half of the battle.”

Collaborate with complementary local businesses.

There are many benefits to cross-promotions and there are many ways to pull them off. For example, if you run a coffee shop, you can partner with a bakery to offer special autumn-themed combos. Joint promotions can attract new customers from your partner’s client base while giving your regulars something fresh to enjoy. Collaborative efforts can also amplify your marketing reach and boost sales for everyone involved.

Of course, it’s mandatory you focus on providing exceptional customer service. Doing so can set you apart from the competition and encourage repeat business. Train your staff to provide a welcoming and knowledgeable experience for customers. Create a loyalty program that rewards frequent shoppers. Small gestures, such as offering complimentary hot drinks on chilly days, can go a long way in making your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Apply for a merchant cash advance.

Synergy Merchants’ unique merchant cash advance program has helped many a Canadian business owner to survive their slow seasons. To learn all about it, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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