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How Exceptional Customer Service Grows Your Restaurant Business

The foodservice industry has always been very competitive. Needless to say, you have many options to choose from when you’re hungry. Of course, delicious eats will always help to grow a restaurant’s popularity. But what truly sets different eateries apart is the exceptional customer service that is provided. It can be considered the secret ingredient that can turn a one-time diner into a loyal, raving fan.

How does exceptional customer service work to grow your restaurant business?

It fosters word-of-mouth promotion.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a potent force in any industry. For restaurants, however, it can make all the difference in the world. People care about the opinions of others who have eaten in establishments they are considering visiting. By providing exceptional customer service, you compel satisfied patrons to sing your praises to others, both online and offline.

Positive reviews, social media posts and personal recommendations can drive a steady stream of new customers through your restaurant’s doors. On the flip side, poor service can lead to negative reviews and deter potential customers. One negative experience can ripple through social networks, costing your business not only a single customer but countless others.

It encourages repeat customers.

All business owners love it when their customers keep coming back. For many restaurateurs, the successes of their businesses depend on their regulars. Exceptional customer service builds trust and fosters loyalty. When diners know they can rely on consistently pleasant experiences, they will be more likely to become mainstays, bringing their business back time and again.

“According to a study from BIA/Kelsey, a repeat customer spends up to 67% more than a new customer,” reports, “That means, having a repeat customer is much better than the new one. Thus, you need to also focus on retaining your existing customers along with working on bringing new customers. A regular customer is a key to maintain a successful restaurant business. Repeat customers base brings many benefits to a restaurant.”

It helps to outshine the competition.

As mentioned, the foodservice industry is filled with options. This is why exceptional customer service is necessary for setting a restaurant apart from its competitors. Great food alone is not enough. It’s the overall experience that keeps customers coming back. When you consistently deliver top-notch service, you create a unique selling proposition that distinguishes your establishment in the minds of diners.

Think about what makes your restaurant special. How can your staff members embody that uniqueness through their service? Whether it’s a theme, a signature dish or a particular ambiance, your customer service should align with your restaurant’s brand.

It generates helpful feedback.

Exceptional customer service also serves as a feedback loop for your restaurant. Happy customers are more likely to provide constructive feedback that can help you improve your operations. They may offer insights into what’s working and what needs adjustment. This helps you fine-tune your restaurant’s offerings and service.

Encourage customers to share their thoughts. You can use comment cards, online reviews or even direct conversations with your staff. By actively seeking and listening to customer feedback, you can continuously evolve and refine your restaurant to better meet their expectations.

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