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Getting Customers To Return To Your Online Store Post-Christmas

Christmas will be here in just a few days. Although the holiday rush might be winding down, the excitement isn’t going to fade any time soon. You see, the week following Christmas is ripe with opportunities to keep your sales momentum going. This is especially true for e-retailers. What can you do to get customers to return to your online store post-Christmas?

Make your returns and exchange process hassle-free.

As always, you will likely have customers who want to swap or return gifts they received during the holidays. Highlight your easy return policies and extend the window for returns and exchanges post-Christmas. Be sure to present clear and visible information about your return process on your website’s homepage, your social media accounts and in follow-up emails. Doing so will instill confidence in shoppers, encouraging them to make additional purchases.

“Even if you provided a fantastic delivery experience for your consumers throughout the Christmas season, offering free and fast shipping during the post-holiday season is a great way to attract new customers or motivate existing ones to purchase again,” writes Akhilesh Srivastava of FenixCommerce, “To enhance demand, for example, you may run a New Year promotion offering Free expedited shipping and Free Returns if the customer orders by a particular deadline.”

Personalize your recommendations.

Leverage the data collected during the holiday season to offer personalized recommendations to your customers. Send follow-up emails suggesting products related to their recent purchases or browsing history. Implement a recommendation engine on your website. It should display personalized product suggestions, making the shopping experience more tailored and enticing for returning customers.

“By providing personalized recommendations that meet the individual needs and preferences of each customer, businesses can help consumers quickly and easily find products that they are interested in,” informs Jimit Mehta of Abmatic AI, “This can help to reduce the amount of time and effort that consumers need to spend searching for products, ultimately making the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.”

Launch a New Year’s sale.

Launching a New Year’s sale can keep the excitement alive and encourage customers to keep shopping well into 2024. Offer discounts on remaining holiday inventory and introduce special clearance sales. Create bundles and gift sets at reduced prices as well. Highlight these deals prominently on your website’s homepage and leverage email marketing to reach out to your subscriber base, enticing them with irresistible offers.

“You may have some customers who forgot to get gifts altogether, or just want to start off the New Year shopping with you, you don’t want to neglect them or any deals either,” says Srivastava, “Instead you can offer a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal for returning customers or visitors who purchase within a specified time.”

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