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Freedom Of Choice: A Major Benefit Of Going With A Merchant Cash Advance

The Synergy Merchants merchant cash advance program gives Canadian business owners a lot of freedom. Specifically, it enables them to have freedom of choice. In other words, when a merchant receives one of our merchant cash advances, he/she is completely free to do with the money whatever he/she wants. With bank loans, it works a little differently. Banks expect to know exactly what is going to be done with the money they loan as it helps them to determine whether or not a business owner will be approved for the money.

To be approved for a bank loan, a business owner must disclose what he/she intends on using the money for. Banks require detailed business plans that specifically outline how the borrowed money will be spent and the intentions for how more money will be earned by the borrower as a result. Loan officers have strict instructions to make decisions based on the likelihood of the bank being repaid their money – with interest – on schedule.

How do merchant cash advances help business owners avoid such disclosure?

This is an important difference between merchant cash advances and bank loans. Bank loans represent borrowed money. Merchant cash advances are payments. With our program, merchants do not borrow anything. They are being paid for their future credit card and debit card transactions. In other words, they are receiving payment for future sales in advance. Because it is their money, it is their choice what they wish to do with it!

Of course, the licensed funding specialists, here at Synergy Merchants, happily discuss with their clients a variety of ideas for what they can do with the money they receive. However, ultimately, the choice is left with the business owner. It’s this freedom of choice that uniquely separates our merchant cash advance program from the traditional bank loan.

What can merchants use their merchant cash advances for?

To be perfectly clear, recipients of merchant cash advances may use the money for whatever they like. They can choose to renovate, expand, advertise, hire new staff, buy new equipment, buy new inventory or pay bills – just to list a few ideas. At Synergy Merchants, we consider freedom of choice to be a big deal because no two businesses are alike. The needs of one business owner don’t always mirror the needs of another.

As well, extra working capital doesn’t always need to be committed to one thing. A merchant may choose to invest some of his/her money into advertising, some of it into repairs and then keep the rest to maintain an adequate cash flow. By taking advantage of a merchant cash advance program, Canadian business owners rid themselves of the burden of having to develop detailed business plans for banks.

The truth is that they should have a business plan anyways – but it’s their business. If their plans change, they shouldn’t have to be limited to the resources that can help them to implement their ideas. That’s the benefit of having freedom of choice!

For more information about our merchant cash advance program or to speak with one of our licensed funding specialists to get a free, no obligation quote, simply call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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