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5 Ways To Scare Up More Business Before Halloween

Halloween arrives in less than two weeks! The majority of business owners all across Canada have already decked out their places of business with black and orange to acknowledge the impending spooky celebrations. Yes, it’s a fun time of year. And it’s one when most business owners are working to scare up more business through inventive advertising campaigns.

But with only a few days left before Halloween, what can you do to scare up more business? Here are five ways:

1. Invite your staff members to wear costumes.

Encourage a little extra fun in the way that your employees present themselves between now and Halloween. The objective is to get them into festive spirits that they can pass along to your customers. When you increase your efforts to give customers unique experiences, they will be a lot more likely to come back.

2. Run a “trick or treat” promotion.

Grab some tasty treats and put one in each bag when a customer makes a purchase from you. Most will appreciate the free treat, but that’s not all that you’ll be putting into their bags. Include coupons that will provide customers with discounts on the next purchases they make in the months to come. That way, you’ll be encouraging a return visit in the near future for their holiday shopping needs.

3. Hold an online Halloween contest.

There’s no bad time of year to utilize your social media profiles. But this time of year is an especially important time. Encourage your Twitter followers and Facebook friends to submit pictures of themselves in their Halloween costumes as part of a contest. Select the winner of the contest and offer a grand prize made up of some or one of your most sought-after products.

4. Hold an offline Halloween contest.

Offer special discounts to people who decide to wear their Halloween costumes into your store. Especially during these last few days before the 31st, it will be an inventive idea to encourage people to show up all decked out in their Halloween costumes. It’s an idea that will separate your brand from the competition and entice people, who are in the spirit of the season, to think very highly of your brand.

5. Participate in actual trick or treating.

When Halloween comes, don’t hesitate to get in on the action. Hand out candy or other treats to your customers when they walk through the doors of your store regardless if they make purchases or not. As well, don’t be afraid to extend your promotions well into the next couple of months so that shoppers will be willing to come back to make their holiday purchases.

Being a business owner can be fun. And the marketing and promotion ideas associated with this month are examples of how running a business can be a joy. However, it’s likely you’ll need some extra working capital to pull off some of your marketing and promotion ideas. That’s where Synergy Merchants comes in. Contact us to learn more about how our unique merchant cash advance program can get you money for your business within 24 hours!

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