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3 Ways To Maximize Responses To Your Marketing Campaigns

In our last blog, we championed the use of social media to plug your advertising campaigns. No matter what type of campaign you choose to go with, it’s always a good idea to plug those efforts on your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. After all, millions of people use social media each and every day – and it’s free to use! But what are some of the best ways to stretch your advertising dollars so that you maximize responses to your marketing campaigns?

Here are three ideas:

1. Give vehicle advertising a try. Vehicle advertising turns heads – literally. Consider the fact that anywhere you drive, there will be a billboard advertising your business. This type of marketing is especially effective if you do a lot of driving in your area, but it is also a great way to attract people who live great distances from your place of business. A uniquely-designed car flashing your company website and phone number can work wonders.

On, Susan Ward heralds the concept of vehicle advertising as a way to maximize responses to your marketing efforts. “The reason you see so many vehicles emblazoned with advertising is that it works,” she insists, “vehicle advertising is very visible small business advertising. If you’re not ready for custom graphics or a magnet quad sign that sits atop your vehicle, go for a magnetic sign that you can take off when you want.”

2. Participate in trade shows. There are few ways to earn a solid reputation in your industry that are better than meeting with people face-to-face. It’s wise to attend as many trade shows as possible so that you can increase the amount of people you meet in person. Don’t be shy about letting trade show visitors know about your latest marketing campaign. Ward supports this practice as well.

“One of the main reasons to participate in trade shows is to be seen and get known,” she states, “While participating in big trade shows can be quite expensive, there are a lot of smaller opportunities that may work well for your business, from trade shows put on by local business associations through trade shows focused on particular industries.”

3. Send promos with your invoices. It is often said that it is much easier (and far less expensive) to advertise to people who already support your business than it is to attract new customers. Make sure that your advertising efforts are clearly being communicated to your current customers. One way to do that is to send samples of new products to your current customers when you invoice them for previous purchases.

At the very least, you can include exclusive offers in the envelopes that contain the invoices. That way, you’ll be targeting customers who are most likely to send support your way. “Little advertising ideas can be powerful, too,” says Ward, “If you’re sending out an invoice, why not take the opportunity to include some advertising? To draw new customers, try something such as a ‘bring-a-friend’ promotion.”

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