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3 Ways To Give Your Business A Fresh Start In 2018

We’re just a week away from Christmas! And that means that we’re just two weeks away from the beginning of a new year. If you’re the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions, you’re certainly not alone. But, as a business owner, your plans for the new year will undoubtedly require some extra working capital.

At Synergy Merchants, we’re proud to be able to provide Canadian business owners with the business funding they need to see their New Year’s Resolutions through to fruition. Many of those resolutions have to do with giving their businesses fresh starts.

So what are your plans to give your business a fresh start in 2018? Here are three ideas:

1. Step up your social media game.

As if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, the world lives online. Or so it seems. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the many social media platforms out there – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just to name a few – you’re not doing your business any favours. Social media are used daily by people from all walks of life to express their opinions and communicate with others. Utilize social media to find out more about the members of your target audience to help grow your business in 2018.

“Monitoring online conversations, hashtags, keywords… this is one way you can get a serious leg up on the competition,” insists Amore Social, “We have the tools to listen and view what consumers and the people around you are saying. Follow those people. Engage with those people. Start a conversation with them and you’re one step closer to landing a new customer.”

2. Ask your employees for fresh ideas.

Too often, business owners forget to tap into their most important resources: their employees. Who better to fill you in on the needs, wants and concerns of the members of your customer base? The people who work for you – those ever-important individuals who communicate with your clients on a daily basis – know what makes your target audience tick! Ask them for their input when trying to implement new strategies for business growth in 2018.

“Encourage your employees to communicate with you by providing several ways to do so (e.g. regular team meetings and one-on-one meetings),” recommends Security Business Capital, “Your employees can provide invaluable information; such as, where time and materials are being wasted, what new opportunities there are for new products and services or simply how to do things more efficiently.”

3. Launch a clever new advertising strategy.

If it sounds like a no-brainer…that’s because it is! No business can truly get anywhere without advertising. Launching a new campaign in the new year is great way to kick it off. But, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll need extra working capital to afford your new campaign. This is where Synergy Merchants comes in! Contact us before the holidays get underway to learn more about how our unique merchant cash advance program can help you.

We make it easy! The application process is short and simple and you can be funded in as little as 24 hours! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at Let’s work together to make 2018 your best year of business yet!


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