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3 Tips For Renovating Your Business The Right Way

Are you looking to have business surge in the months to come? With the pandemic still going, how can you be sure about being able to boost sales? For many business owners, the answer comes by way of sprucing things up a bit.

When is the last time you renovated your store? Might now be the right time to give it a facelift? While there are many benefits to changing things up at your place of business, it’s important to undergo renovations wisely. How do you do that?

Here are three tips for renovating your business the right way:

1. Set a specific timeline.

You will end up doing more harm than good if you are out of business for too long. Closing your shop for an extended period of time will be tough enough on your business as it is. Without a definitive game plan in place, you could end up turning customers away. Be clear about how long you wish your renovations to take and stick to the script. That way, you’ll be able to entice customers with a clear grand re-opening date and not have people lose interest in your brand.

“No matter how trivial your small business renovation may seem, it’s going to throw a wrench into your business’ day-to-day for a while,” says, “Before renovations get underway, you should take the time to put together a schedule that catalogues every aspect of it from start to finish.”

2. Keep both your employees and customers informed.

It’s a must that you keep everyone associated with your business in the know. The point of renovating your store is to grow your business, not destroy it. If you keep your loyal customers in the dark, you could place them under the impression that your company has gone under! Be sure to regularly communicate your progress so that your supporters can anticipate your grand re-opening. The same, of course, should go for your staff. Keep everyone in the loop!

“As soon as you have a plan in motion, let your employees know about the upcoming changes and provide details around if and how the renovation will affect their work schedule or daily routine,” insists, “Consider updating your customers and clients, too — especially if your hours will change. You could share a social media post that highlights the new changes, or create a fun, informational flyer to hang in your brick and mortar location.”

3. Make sure there is some wiggle room in your budget.

It’s a good idea to not plan all of your expenses to the very penny that you have available. Trying to complete your renovations under your initial budget will help you to be prepared in the event of a mishap. As reminds us, renovations can get pretty expensive, especially when surprises pop up.

“You can expect to rack up a few unexpected costs throughout your renovation,” alerts the website, “If you make room in your budget to cover extra costs, you won’t have to worry about dipping into your savings every time something goes wrong.”

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