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3 Reasons To Increase Your Marketing Budget For The Holidays

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. And there has been no greater evidence than Black Friday, which was this past Friday, and Cyber Monday, which is today! These two days are widely known as two of the biggest shopping days of the year with today being of the online variety. Naturally, shoppers expect to enjoy big discounts on these days. But they’re certainly not the only days when people are looking for bargains.

As a result, it’s important that you advertise your store throughout the holiday season. And don’t skimp on your budget! Here are three reasons to increase your marketing budget for the holidays:

1. It will help you to enjoy increased sales well into the new year. Keep in mind that attracting new customers during the holiday season isn’t meant for you to simply enjoy one-off sales. By putting efforts into ramping up customer service, you should be able to attain many new long-term customers. The more your advertising draws customers through your doors, the more likely you will be to increase the size of your customer base for the long haul.

“The efforts aimed at accelerating and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing or advertising campaigns before and during the holiday season will allow you to enjoy a great start of a new business year,” says Solomon Thimothy of Clickx, “You may benefit from increased sales, more business partnerships and contacts, less unused materials in your stocks and more financial resources for your budget.”

2. It will help you to clear out your inventory. Naturally, this is the time of year when you’ll best be able to clear your shelves of your most popular products. In fact, you’ll want to make sure that you do so by advertising the fact that you not only have them, but you’re selling them at unbeatable prices. On, Steve Olenski explains the importance of stepping up advertising efforts during the holiday season in order to clear out inventory.

“Another compelling reason to invest more in advertising during December relates to inventories,” he writes, “If you are trying to clear out and liquidate merchandise prior to December 31st, it makes sense to garner maximum exposure through rock-bottom pricing, promotions, or sales events, to try and catch these customers prior to the end of the calendar year.”

3. People are more likely to pay attention to your ad campaigns at this time of year. Let’s face it – this is definitely the time of year when people WANT to be advertised to. For the most part, people aren’t out shopping on a regular basis. The holiday season, however, is the one time of year when most people are very interested in knowing what you have to sell and what prices your items are available for.

“People who are usually annoyed by advertising and marketing techniques and consider them aggressive and intrusive, may become more open to advertising during the holidays,” Thimothy points out, “Potential customers are more enthusiastic, they may receive bonuses at work or become more flexible and open to new experiences. The spirit of the holidays makes people see things from a different perspective, which means that you may attract more customers if you accelerate your marketing efforts.”

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