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3 More Ways To Make The New Year Your Best Year

Welcome to the final Synergy Merchants blog for 2023! We hope you had an amazing 2022 and wish you an even better year next year! In our last blog, we listed some ways to help you maximize your company’s sales in 2023. They included hosting webinars, implementing a live chat feature on your company website and stepping up your content marketing efforts.

Here are three more ways to make the new year your best year:

1. Improve your website’s user experience.

We just came off of the busiest shopping season of the year. During the holiday shopping rush, most consumers find themselves on the internet looking for gifts. To compete in today’s marketplace, it’s a must that your website is user-friendly. It should be especially easy to use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. According to Snigdha Patel on, it’s vital to have a strong company website design.

“In a nutshell: A well-structured website design looks great and works well in delivering the best user experience,” she notes, “BMW, Apple, and Nike don’t throw millions at web design for fun. They know it sells better. In fact, how it looks and how it works is a key reason people buy from them.”

2. Step up your social media game.

Are you properly utilizing your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts? In 2023, be sure to make better use of them. By posting valuable content, you’ll be able to endear more people to your brand. Just as importantly, the engagement you encourage will lure more people to your company website. The more visitors your site gets, the more opportunities you receive to convert them into paying customers.

“Get a social calendar going and test out different types of content to feature in your posts,” advises Janet Lee on, “In the beginning, this will likely take some experimentation to see what brings in the most engagement. By creating a social calendar a month in advance and providing valuable content, one of Big Leap’s clients was able to win a 1,500 percent increase in engagement and over 900 percent increase in reach.” 

3. Run paid ads.

It’s important to interact with your friends and followers on social media. This includes clicking “like” and posting comments on other posts. However, it’s not enough to simply be active on social media. You must also utilize the various services provided to business owners that help with advertising efforts. Patel encourages the running of paid ads.

“Running paid ads is a great way to reach out to your customers,” she writes, “You need to identify the channels where your target audience hangs out and engage them where they are. Paid ads are an effective way to expose your brand to a large audience and helps to increase website traffic.”

No matter which advertising strategy you decide to use to boost sales in the new year, you’ll need funding to make it work. At Synergy Merchants, our merchant cash advance program can get you the cash you need immediately! For more information, call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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