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3 More Holiday Promotions That Will Help To Boost Sales

With November now underway, Canadian retailers are about to experience their busiest time of the year. In our last blog, we listed a few effective promotional tactics that can help your business get the holiday shopping season off to a good start. They include utilizing the power of photos and videos, requesting and publishing customer testimonials and launching a holiday contest.

Here are three more holiday promotional that will help to boost sales:

1. Offer mystery rebates.

Every shopper loves a discount. This is especially true during the holiday shopping season when consumers spend more than normal. A mystery rebate offers something intriguing. It suggests that a shopper can receive more than your store’s traditional discounts. Advertise that you offer mystery rebates up to 50%. Although it’s wise to only offer such large savings to one customer, the variety of discounts you offer will encourage more people to visit your shop.

“Instead of advertising a traditional rebate (like a $50 gift card after your purchase, for example) opt for a mystery rebate within a certain price range,” suggests Tricia O’Donnell of BenchmarkONE, “Explain that one lucky customer will get the largest rebate — which will entice customers to take the chance and make a purchase. Use holiday imagery to advertise and make it seem like Santa is the one handing out the rebates.”

2. Make your promotions worth sharing.

Not every advertisement should be an advertisement. In other words, it’s important to be social on social media. Fun and informative posts are the ones that often go viral. By creating content that is worth sharing, you’ll get your brand message to more viewers. Consider posting such material as holiday recipes, gift wrapping tips or your favourite holiday memories. It should increase both your online engagement and in-store foot traffic.

“This year, spread the holiday spirit, and your holiday promotion, by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing on social media, and in your email newsletter,” encourages Miranda Paquet of Constant Contact, “That starts with creating shareable content. This is the type of stuff your audience will love so much that they won’t be able to wait to tell their friends about it.”

3. Send out easy-to-read email announcements.

The holiday season isn’t the best time to send out lengthy emails. Naturally, people get extra busy at this time of year. This doesn’t mean you should slouch on your email marketing efforts. In fact, it’s wise to ramp up your frequency of emails. However, it’s important to make them short and sweet. Paquet insists that retailers design their emails wisely.

“Don’t overcrowd your email design with unnecessary choices,” she advises, “Make your emails easy to navigate, so your customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Use links effectively: During the holiday season, customers just want to get where they are going. When it comes to your promotion, that means using links that actually work and link directly to the product, service, or event you are promoting.”

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