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3 More Effective April Fools’ Day Marketing Techniques

This Friday is April Fools’ Day! In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that the annual occasion gives business owners many opportunities to promote their brands in inventive ways. We suggested marketing a bogus product, creating a silly promotion and delivering a fake announcement as ideas.

Here are three more effective April Fools’ Day marketing techniques:

1. Set up a fake poll.

Many internet users enjoy participating in polls and questionnaires. Why not launch one that includes an incentive for filling it out? For example, you could post a “My Favourite Places To Shop” survey on your company website and social media pages. Here’s the catch. Your store should be the ONLY option! It’s a funny way to engage your online audience and bring your brand some positive attention.

As Les Melnichenko reveals on, “Nintendo of America created a Twitter poll asking users what character they would like to prank. The point is that the poll is fake with only one possible option. Once you’re on the corresponding page, it says ‘Joke’s on you! April Fool’s Day is the trickiest day of the year. Silly pranks can be a lot of fun!’”

2. Offer a discount that is too good to be true.

To attract some attention to your store this week, try offering a 110% discount on select items. You’re likely to have a bunch of consumers scratching their heads. We often use the term “give 110%” to declare that we’re giving something our all and then some. But, of course, taking 110% off of a purchase price is impossible. That is, unless you offer to pay your customers for buying your product – which would be an obvious April Fools’ joke.

“Offering a discount which makes customers wonder it is too good to be too is also a good idea because it grabs buyers’ attention immediately,” says Summer Nguyen on, “For instance, an online shop could introduce a shirt that’s normally $40 for only $10. Remember that, to keep your customers from feeling like you tricked them, you need to add some information such as a shirt for $10 for all buyers named John.”

3. Promote bogus features of your products and services.

Do you own a pet store? Why not promote Yappy, the talking dog? Do you own a hair salon? Market a special exclusively for April 1st that offers dye jobs that make hair see-through. As Melnichenko points out, April 1st is the chance to show off your sense of humour like Honda Canada did in 2019.

“The car corporation introduced their April Fool’s promotion idea called ‘Polite Horn’ 2019,” she details, “Imagine: the sun is shining, you’re driving your brand new Honda, and bam! Some wreck stops at a green light. Here is when you can be a bit passive-aggressive and express what’s on your mind politely. Nerves are in order, the mood isn’t changed. I wish this feature was true. Ahem ahem!”

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