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3 More Advertising Strategies That Will Grow Your Brand This Year

2022 should prove to be a fruitful year for retailers. After all, we’ve all had nearly two years to learn how to operate our businesses during a pandemic. In our last blog, we listed some important ways to market your business for success in 2022. They included personalizing the customer experience, making hybrid shopping experiences available and highlighting your personal values.

Here are three more advertising strategies that will grow your brand this year:

1. Conduct live stream events.

The pandemic has made it so that streaming is a more popular activity than ever. Whether it’s to enjoy movies or music, people are finding it incredibly convenient to tap on their favourite apps. Take advantage of the popularity of live streaming. Utilize your company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to conduct short seminars or demonstrations to highlight the benefits of your company’s products. Such advertising is the type to get easily shared all over social media.

“At the forefront of shoppable content is live-streaming, the ability to instantly purchase a featured product on a live-stream video,” writes Catherine Erdly on, “Shopify, who have partnered with TikTok to enable merchants to sell live, believe that this trend will show huge growth over the next 12 months.”

2. Offer expedited shipping.

People want what they want – now! In a world where online shopping is a daily norm, consumers expect to receive their products within days of ordering. While the online shopping experience cannot provide the immediacy of the in-store version, shoppers expect something as close to it as possible. If you can offer expedited (next day?) shipping in your online store, it will attract a significant increase in traffic.

“Today’s consumers want their demands fulfilled as quickly as possible,” affirms, “It wasn’t too long ago that online shoppers believed it was reasonable to wait weeks for their products to arrive. Now, about a decade later, consumers are beginning to expect free overnight shipping from online retailers…Retailers need to respond to this trend by creating processes that allow order fulfillment to be as agile as possible.”

3. Showcase people-first brand messaging.

In today’s world, consumers want more than just high-quality products and services from the companies they support. They want to support companies that stand for positivity and prosperity. Especially since tensions have been at all-time highs during the pandemic, it will certainly do your company some good to showcase its people-first approach. Launch an advertising campaign that focuses on positive affirmations before your products and services.

“Conscious consumerism, which has been reshaping consumer behaviour for several years, is continuing to be a force to be reckoned with,” notes Erdly, “From environmental concerns to a desire to see better representation in the products that are sold, the consumer in 2022 expects the businesses that they buy from to be doing better.”

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