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3 Last-Minute Holiday Advertising Strategies

There are about 12 days left for Christmas shopping. And while that may be plenty of time for some people, it’s fair to say that it’s getting down to the wire for most. Sure, you can assume that your sales will continue to be high for another couple of weeks, at least. Or, you could take the opportunity to advertise your brand in a way that helps for it to enjoy its most successful holiday season in history!

Here are three last-minute holiday advertising strategies:

1. Create a loyal customer campaign.

It’s important to put your current customers first. The people who have already supported your business are the ones who are most likely to support it again. Reach out to them. Thank them for their business. Let them know your store is there to meet all of their holiday gift shopping needs. Offer loyalty-based incentives that will get them to revisit your store before the holiday shopping season is over.

“Although you’re eager to attract new customers, don’t neglect your loyal shoppers,” instructs Evyatar Sagie on, “Repeat customers are responsible for at least 40 percent of your sales, so it’s worth it to keep them connected. Take the opportunity to offer a special gift to your best customers, like a valuable discount. You could also send handwritten holiday cards to your loyal customers through the mail, the old-fashioned way.”

2. Upload videos to your social media accounts.

Is there anything more popular than videos on social media? In the past couple of years, numerous news sources have highlighted the fact that social media have overtaken television as top news sources. If you want people to not just hear about your store’s special deals but share the word about them as well, upload videos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and enjoy the reaction they get!

“It’s a common practice for marketing and sales teams to run special campaigns, promotions, contests, deals, sales, and whatnot at the end of the year for various reasons,” writes Anastasia Melet on, “One of the most trending content marketing assets that is progressively gaining traction is video, so if you want to create a holiday campaign that would be a distinction, this is the right instrument.”

3. Double up on the festive cheer.

Are you playing holiday music in your store? Go ahead and turn it up! And be sure that none of your decorations are out of place or damaged. As well, don’t forget to inject additional festive cheer in the ways in which you interact with your customers. In fact, it’s the customer interactions that will do more to boost sales and garner repeat business than any Christmas song or decoration can manage.

“Consumers aren’t just shopping for gifts, they also want plenty of holiday spirit as well,” says Sagie, “Give them what they want. Update your window display, homepage and landing pages with warm holiday scenes and plenty of sparkle. You could also offer a holiday gift-wrapping service, both in-store and online, or market a special limited edition product that’s only available during the holiday season.”

No matter the last-minute holiday advertising strategy you decide to use, Synergy Merchants can help you to afford launching it! For information about our unique merchant cash advance program, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026or email us at

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