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3 Hot Marketing Ideas To Help Make For A Successful Summer

We have some good news for you Canada! You only have to wait another two days for the official start of summer! Even though various parts of Canada, including Synergy Merchants’ hometown of Toronto, have been experiencing summer-like temperatures for weeks now, it’s unquestionable that when the year’s hottest season arrives, it’s incredibly exciting.

You can’t blame Canadians for loving the summertime. After all, we spend far too long waiting for the cold temperatures to disappear. Make no mistake about it, summer is loved by most. So, as a business owner, it only makes sense for you to take advantage of the season that makes your customers the happiest.

Here are three hot marketing ideas to help you have a successful summer:

1. Launch sales that commemorate the summer holidays.

Among the various holidays that occur during the summer are Canada Day, the Civic Holiday that takes place on the first Monday in August and Labour Day, which generally signifies the end of the summer season. There’s no reason why your company can’t cash in before each of these significant occasions take place by launching sales that acknowledge these very special days.

“People will be on the lookout for hot sales as the holidays roll around,” notes, “So make sure to keep your business top of mind. It’s a good idea to discount items that are particularly relevant for each holiday. For Canada Day, for example, run promotions for party items like BBQ supplies, red-and-white decorations and (legal) fireworks.”

2. Price your goods based on the temperature.

It’s an interesting concept. And that’s why it’s bound to garner your business some much-needed attention. On hot and sunny days, more people are bound to spend time outdoors. Take advantage of this fact by offering reduced prices on the summer’s hottest days.

“Launch a fun campaign that gets customers to your location during the dog days of summer by offering a discount based on how high the temperature climbs,” suggests Brian Morris on, “You’ll be able to land sales on days when customers would otherwise stay indoors. Of course, make sure your location is air-conditioned to keep them inside longer.”

3. Host your own summertime event.

Naturally, every summer time is filled with outdoor events. While it’s a good idea to attend these events in order to grow your brand’s reach, it’s also wise to host an event yourself. Can you think of a better way to generate excitement amongst the members of your company’s target audience? We can’t!

“Why not throw an event to get your customers together to celebrate summer?” asks, “If you’re a flower shop, you might host a seasonal flower arranging class. If you’re a fitness professional, you might get your clients together for a beach boot camp. When promoting your event, consider offering your regular customers a special invitation or incentive to show them some love.”

No matter the promotional campaign you decide upon to boost your sales this summer, Synergy Merchants can help you to afford launching it. Our unique merchant cash advance program gives Canadian business owners the ability to secure extra working capital within 24 hours! To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at


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