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3 Effective Ways Retailers Can Grow Their Sales

In our last blog, we listed a few of the best ways that retailers can grow their sales. Among them were adding to your line of products and services, leading your sales team by example and ensuring that your company website is mobile-friendly. In today’s blog, we’d like to add to that list.

Here are three more effective ways to grow your sales:

1. Make your store a wonderful place to visit.

It’s important to remember that, these days, consumers want more than just the products and services offered by the stores they visit. They want amazing shopping experiences! This can only be achieved at your place of business if your staff members are well trained to be friendly, warm and inviting. On, Bob Phibbs “The Retail Doctor” advises business owners to train their employees to be available and interruptible.

“Retail is becoming a job of tasks instead of a job of interacting with shoppers,” he writes, “Employees are often so busy trying to complete a task that they ignore shoppers obviously looking for help. You must train your employees that no task is that important, that customer purchases pay their salary, and unless they’re with a customer already, they should drop the task to help a shopper every time.”

2. Set up a pop up shop.

Are you limiting yourself to your one business location? If so, you’re likely finding that you’re only selling to members of your nearby communities. To grow your sales, consider setting up shop in a new location. Now, we’re not saying you have to open a brand new store. Setting up a kiosk-type location in a new area will help to grow your brand recognition and boost your sales numbers.

“If you’re really set on expanding into other geographic markets, but don’t have the funds (or the confidence) to set up a full-fledged retail store, consider setting up a pop-up store instead,” suggests Francesca Nicasio on, “In addition to helping you minimize spending (retailers can save up to 80% by opening a pop-up vs. a traditional store), pop-up stores allow you to test the waters in a particular location so you can determine whether or not it’ll be worth it to set up a more permanent store.”

3. Use your customers’ names.

It’s been said that the sweetest sound to a person’s ear is his/her name. Go with that! Get to know your customers personally by introducing yourself and asking for their names, when appropriate. The friendliness of your brand will encourage both new sales and continued loyalty. Be sure to get your team on board so that your retail store sets itself apart from its competitors by becoming familiar with its supporters.

“There’s a reason the Ritz Carlton requires employees to use a guest’s name three times in a conversation, not two and not four,” says Phibbs, “It’s because it works. It works to make their guests feel important and to force the employees to commit their names to memory. Wherever you can get their name, use it. Even if you get it wrong occasionally, most people will appreciate the gesture.”

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