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3 Easy Ways To Attract The Millennial Crowd To Your Business

In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that millennials are heavy users of the internet. We know – no surprise there, right? The point, however, is that today’s business owners need to ensure that their companies have strong online presences or else the vast majority of millennials will pass them by. This entails being both social media-savvy and having mobile-friendly company websites.

But what else can be done to attract the millennial crowd to your business? Here are three easy ways:

1. Add millennials to your staff.

This one kind of sounds like a no-brainer doesn’t it? After all, who better to connect your brand to the millennial crowd than members of said crowd? “Who knows how to appeal and reach Millennials better than Millennials?” asks Drew Beechler on, “Employees are your greatest assets. Young talent can help you understand the Millennial viewpoint. Invite them into the strategic process and use them as a sounding board for your marketing ideas.”

2. Be engaging – online and offline.

In our last blog, we stressed the importance of reaching out to members of your customer base through social media. The point, we should reiterate, is to engage in conversations – not just blatantly advertise. It’s important never to forget the “social” part of social media. On, Matt Self advises business owners to come up with a few other ways to keep the younger members of their audiences engaged.

“Millennials enjoy ongoing engagement, so don’t just market to them, inform and involve them in any way you can,” he insists, “If your company sells personal hair colour products, have a contest where people who use your products post their hair coloring tips and pics. Create a forum where consumers can communicate and share their opinions.”

3. Get involved with charities.

Not only is this just a plain good idea, in general, but when you find ways to connect your brand name to important causes, you significantly boost your reputation with members of our younger generation. Beechler highly advises that you showcase your corporate philanthropy.

“This appeals to consumers of any generation, but Millennials especially feel a connection to philanthropy and giving back,” he writes, “Over 80% of Millennials gave a financial contribution to a non-profit in 2012. Without being flashy, engage Millennials through your corporate philanthropy efforts and being transparent.”

Self agrees that cause-related marketing is very appealing to millennials. “The bigger the difference they feel they’re making in the community, the more likely they are to utilize your company’s goods or services,” he notes, “Relate your brand to a reliable community or global cause and you will better appeal to your millennial customers.”

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