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Taking Simple Steps To Bring Your Company To The Next Level

Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest differences. Too often, business owners get caught up with their big plans to grow their businesses that they forget to do the simple things. A focus on strong customer service so that current customers keeping coming back is one of those simple things.

It’s often said that it’s both cheaper and more effective to market your brand to the customers you have than it is to try to gain support from strangers. Paying attention to your current supporters, it can be argued, is the first simple step to taking your company to the next level.

Here are three others:

Focus on what it is you do best.

Try not to get frustrated by the things your competition may be doing better than you. There are certain areas where you may be unable to compete. It doesn’t mean you’re out of the race. What sets your brand apart? What makes your business unique? Focus on those things and be sure to highlight them in all of your advertising. In other words, be yourself! Simple enough?

“I believe that it is a mistake to take on far-reaching service offerings, develop products outside your comfort zone or expand outside of your target markets just to make a few extra bucks,” reveals Michael A. Olguin on, “When you do that, you jeopardize your true strength to focus on what you may not be successful at and create undo pressures for your team, your budgets, and your company as a whole.”

Devote only a small portion of your day to developing new business.

In keeping with our advice to stay focused on your current customers, allow us to reiterate the importance of not wasting time on new ones. By that, we don’t mean that you should totally give up any attempts to grow your client base. We simply mean to say that only a small portion of your day should be devoted to it. On, Siimon Reynolds actually recommends that you only work on new business until 11 a.m. each day.

“Too often entrepreneurs get caught up in all this non sales related activity then suddenly realize the day has ended and the company once again has not increased its revenue,” he writes, “This needs to stop. And one of the best ways to do that is to have a rule that you and the key stakeholders in your company spend their mornings until 11am on income increasing activities. Unless you do this important stuff first each day you will usually find it doesn’t get done at all.”

Never let the passion die.

These days, consumers place a lot of emphasis on the relationships they develop with the companies they support. How a brand makes them feel is arguably more important than the goods it sells. If you love what you do (and you certainly should), show it! Your enthusiasm will become a major trademark of your brand and both your employees and customers alike will take notice.

“Showing excitement and enthusiasm cannot be underscored enough in terms of how it relates to your team working harder, being more focused, and ultimately more successful at their job,” says Olguin, “This translates to a better end-product. The opposite can be said for someone who is an unhappy person, leads through negative motivation, creates a challenging work environment or frankly doesn’t love what they do.”

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