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Sprouting New Energy Into Your Employees As Spring Approaches

As you know, the spring season is drawing near. In our last blog, we listed some great ways for retailers to cash in on the warmth and sunshine through new advertising campaigns. The forthcoming changing of the seasons also gives business owners great opportunities to invigorate their employees. With the winter blues fading away, harnessing the positive energy of spring can sprout new energy into your employees and increase productivity.

Set up outdoor team building activities.

There’s no bad time of year to engage your staff members in team-building exercises. However, the spring brings about the warmth and sunshine needed to take the fun outdoors. Plan a picnic in the park, a friendly sports tournament or a nature hike. These activities not only promote teamwork and communication but also allow employees to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This can improve both mood and motivation.

“Outdoor team building days can also be a great way to promote teamwork and build morale,” writes Heather Ee of the UK’s Blue Hat Teambuilding, “By working together in a fun shared experience, employees develop a strong sense of camaraderie that will transfer back to the workplace. The better your team members get to know each other, the more connected they will feel. People who know, trust and respect each other will work better together.”

Conduct an office makeover.

A drab and dreary work environment is no way to energize a team of workers. Take the annual spring cleaning routine to the office and breathe new life into its aesthetics. De-clutter workspaces, organize files and freshen up the office decor. It can create a more pleasant and inspiring work environment. While you’re at it, add some greenery or flowers to brighten up the space. It will help to boost morale and detoxify the air at the same time.

According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, “a clean and organized office can significantly boost productivity by minimizing distractions. When everything has a designated place, you can easily find what you need, leading to more efficient work habits. This increased efficiency can lead to better time management, a more streamlined workflow, and a reduced workload, ultimately reducing stress and boosting your overall job satisfaction.”

Offer flexible work arrangements.

The end of winter also spells the beginning of longer days. Add the warmer weather and you have employees who would much rather spend more time with family and friends. When spring arrives, offer offering flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting or flexible hours. This flexibility can help employees enjoy the spring weather, bettering their work/life balance and ultimately, increasing their job satisfaction and morale.

72% of job seekers say that work-life balance is an important factor for selecting a job, reports Aleksandar Dimovski on “Work-life balance is so important that it plays a vital role in the sourcing for a job,” he writes, “Everyone prefers a fulfilling job. Employers, therefore, need to factor in work-life balance as an important duty of their human resources management team, as it determines how the company is assessed by prospective employees.”

Let’s work together on growing your company culture this spring!

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