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How To Beat The Slump Of Your Slow Summer Season

For many retailers, summer is an amazing time of year because of how many shoppers leave their homes to visit stores. However, for many other businesses, the warm and sunny season is synonymous with a slowdown of sales. This year, summer starts on June 20th. If your business experiences a dip in activity during the summer months, fear not! There are plenty of creative ways to revitalize your operations and beat the slump of your slow summer season.

Host fun and interactive outdoor events.

Who doesn’t love to be out on a warm and sunny day? Utilize the great weather, this summer, by hosting fun and interactive outdoor events. Whether it’s a beach party, a barbeque or a summer concert series, your events should create memorable experiences that can draw in crowds. It’s all about generating a buzz around your business. You might want to partner with local vendors or organizations to broaden the reaches of your events and to attract diverse audiences.

“Plan engaging entertainment and fun activities that align with the outdoor setting,” recommends Anie of InEvent, “Consider live performances, interactive games, sports activities, or themed installations. Encourage attendee participation and create memorable experiences that make your event stand out.”

Take your business to the streets.

In other words, keep taking advantage of the warm and sunny days of summer by being outside. Set up sidewalk displays, outdoor seating areas or pop-up booths. The objective is to showcase your products or services in a vibrant and inviting environment. Get in touch with other local businesses to create a festive atmosphere and cross-promote each other’s offerings.

“Even if you focus solely on appointments, you could benefit from taking advantage of the season,” says MINDBODY, “Contact your local Farmers’ Market to find out if they have a wellness week, and if not, ask about having a booth to educate your community on living healthy. For example, if you run a physical therapy business, offer free consulting sessions to people who drop by. You never know who might turn out to be a valuable customer for you!”

Engage with your community.

Sponsor or participate in community events, festivals or charity fundraisers. Doing so will help to raise awareness of your business and forge meaningful connections with potential customers. Host a series of workshops that provides value to your community. They can help you to highlight your expertise and company’s offerings.

“As you think about how to engage with your community, don’t forget to think about youth programs,” advises MINDBODY, “Many summer or day camps will host guests to educate their students, so there’s a good chance that a program near you will welcome you. Teaching at a summer camp offers you an opportunity to do community outreach and service at the same time. The only limit to what you can do is your creativity.”

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