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Welcome to Synergy Merchants, direct providers in Business Funding to Canadian businesses. Specializing in businesses who require funds quick, easy and simple.

Our Canadian company established in 2006, recognize and comprehend the funding needs that small to medium businesses in Canada require. Working closely with Canadian business owners, funding quick, easy and simple is essential meeting the time sensitive funding requirements that a business needs today.  Synergy Merchants, has developed a unique program, where immediate cash is available today, based on your future Visa, Mastercard and Debit monthly sales.  Money in your account in as little as 4 hours is our goal.


Minutes away, in finding out the amount of money is available to my business

Utilizing our secure, easy, and internal automated system, calculating your advance has never been easier.  Simply complete our user friendly  Merchant Connect .  Within minutes your monthly debit and credit card sales will be uploaded to our system.  You will then receive your Pre-qualified,  advance size (Funds your eligible for) ,repayment terms and the cost, all calculated in real time.

All completed with minutes, with no waiting, no paperwork and lengthy applications required to receive your funding options available for any business need you require.

Simple agreement process and minimal documents required

Once you have selected the funding option, which works best for you and your business, an agreement with the option you selected will be generated.  The agreement will be sent to you, with all the fields completed. Please review the populated agreement and ensure that all the information is accurate.  If all information is accurate, please initial, sign and date where indicated. The signed agreement is now complete, please submit the agreement with the following simple supporting documents.

  • A copy of government issued photo identification
  • A copy of a Void cheque of your business bank account
  • A copy of the most recent business bank account statement
  • A copy of terms page(s) of your lease. If you own the property, a copy of the most recent property tax bill
  • A copy of the most recent GST/HST statement  *Only applies for funding size $30,000 and over

To ensure quick approval and funds as soon as possible, ensure that you submit the complete agreement and the documents listed above.

Simple and easy ways to submit

Scan and email to

Fax: 1-877-718-2028


Developed in mind, that small to medium business owners require funds, efficiently, fast and simple our program is completely ideal for ANY Canadian business. Our approval process and decisions are quick.  With high approval rates, funding business owners across Canada is our purpose, regardless of  how long you have been in business, which or who your current processor is , the type of industry, processing sales volumes, or personal and commercial credit score or your current financial position.


Our ultimate focus and goal is funding every completed application submitted, the same day and ultimately in under 4hrs directly to your business bank account.


Using our secure automated system, the advance is paid back  on a daily basis through a percentage of your Visa, MasterCard & Debit sales. This means we only get paid when you make a sale.


At the time your initial advance options are calculated, 3 additional advances are calculated and are available to you at 35%,60%, and 90% repaid. These additional funds are optional for you and are designed to help you plan future projects and save you time. Top-Ups are only available to accounts in good standing.


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