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Getting Inventive With Your Marketing To Attract Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

The holiday shopping season continues to be an extremely busy time of year. Retailers from various industries are currently seeing their sales skyrocket thanks to the yearly rush of gift shoppers entering their stores. Has your store seen a spike in sales? Even if you’ve been clearing your shelves, as of late, it’s important to note that there is still plenty of holiday shopping that has yet to be done.

Let’s take a look at how you can get inventive with your marketing in order to attract last-minute holiday shoppers!

Introduce a countdown clock.

Is there anything more effective than a visual of time ticking away to alert people that Christmas is almost here? Throw up a digital “Until Christmas” sign in your store to help create greater senses of urgency. Take it a step further by highlighting countdowns on your company website for shipping deadlines. Use phrases like “limited stock available” or “last chance to buy” to nudge indecisive shoppers into making purchases sooner rather than later.

“Countdown timers are one of the powerful marketing strategies that work for influencing customers right away,” notes digital marketer, Afrin on, “It lets customers know where your holiday sales will start and end up at the beginning. At a glance, countdown timers help to create FOMO and create a great impact to make the purchase decision on the spot.”

Curate themed gift bundles or ready-made sets.

One of the keys to attracting last-minute shoppers is making the shopping experience hassle-free. Simplify things for your customers by bundling complementary products together. Whether it’s a “cozy winter essentials” bundle or a “gifts for the tech-savvy” set, these pre-packaged options can appeal to time-pressed shoppers looking for convenient gifting solutions.

“Last-minute shoppers are frantic to find gifts,” Rieva Lesonsky reminds us on, “Ease their worries by providing a simplified selection they can run in, pay for and rush out the door with. For instance, your store could display gift packs of bundled products for different types of recipients, such as White Elephant gifts, teacher gifts or gifts for Mom. You can even pre-gift wrap presents for ultimate convenience.”

Offer expedited shipping.

There’s nothing like ensuring last-minute shoppers that their packages will arrive before Christmas to get them to press the “Buy Now” button. Highlight the ease and speed of purchasing from your online store. Ensure that even the most time-pressed shoppers can rely on your brand for timely delivery or hassle-free pick-ups.

“Next-day delivery impacts conversion rates and plays a crucial role in boosting customer confidence and reducing product returns,” informs Darius Jokubaitis of Attention Insight, “When customers receive their orders promptly, it reassures them that the company is reliable and committed to delivering a positive experience. This heightened confidence decreases the likelihood of returns because customers are likely to feel satisfied with their purchases.”

Apply for a merchant cash advance.

No matter what type of marketing strategy you choose to attract last-minute holiday shoppers, Merchants’ unique merchant cash advance program can help you to afford it! Discover how easy it is to get approved by calling us at 1-877-718-2026 or emailing us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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