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FD_Logo_Blue-CanadaSynergy Merchants offers First Data Customers and Payment Partners exclusive financing options for any business need in 24hrs or less!

Using our secure & easy automated system, the advance is paid back automatically on a daily basis through a portion of your future Visa, Mastercard & Debit sales. The total advance consists of the funded amount, plus a fee that is determined based on Debit and Credit Card Sales, Industry, Length of time in business, etc… Unlike a bank loan, other merchant cash advance companies, there are NO minimum credit requirements, NO accruing interest, NO timeframe, NO collateral & NO fixed payments.

In addition to Same Day Funding**, Easy Application, Minimal Paperwork, and  100% Approval Rates offered by Synergy Merchants, First Data Customers and Payment Partners can now take advantage of exclusive offers including, Larger Advances, Lower Costs, Longer Payback Terms, and easy to use End to End Automation. Financing your business has never been this simple, fast, and convenient!

Customer and Payment Partner Funding Facts:

  • Larger Advances
  • Lower Costs
  • Longer Payback Terms
  • Same Day Funding
  • Easy Application
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • 100% Approval Rates

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