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Do You Need To Buy New Equipment For Your Business?

A new year has started. But is your business still stuck in the stone ages? What types of equipment are your employees using to complete their duties each and every day? Is your office still equipped with a fax machine? Are you using archaic telephone devices? In many cases, a company’s lack of productivity and/or forward movement has to do with the quality of the equipment it uses. Is it time to invest in some new hardware and technology?

Is your team’s productivity slowing?

Take a look at the numbers. By now, you’ve likely assessed your fourth quarter of 2020. While the pandemic may be partly to blame for you having had a slower year, it’s important to locate any and all issues with overall productivity. Is your team working from home? Do its members have the equipment necessary to complete their daily tasks from their remote locations? Getting up-to-date equipment will help all of your employees to do their jobs better.

“Old equipment can make your employees less productive,” writes Norul Amin on, “That phone system you bought in the 1990s was innovative then, but your landlord recently upgraded the building’s wiring and it is having an adverse affect on the quality of your calls. Customers are hearing static, calls are being dropped and electrical storms are causing lights to flicker when no one is on the line.”

Are your systems taking too long to respond?

Undoubtedly, we live in a tech-driven world. The internet continues to offer us a multitude of avenues to share our work, communicate with colleagues across the globe and acquire valuable information. However, if your computers are prone to freezing and/or your modem doesn’t quickly connect you to the worldwide web, it’s clear that an upgrade is in order. As The AME Group puts it, if your systems are taking too long to respond, it is time you made a new leap.

“Such slow response may be due to low Internet connectivity and the servers becoming faulty, or rather the software may be dragging you behind when it comes to using them,” says their website, “The frustration associated with such inconveniences is too much and sometimes will demotivate your workers. The best way to solicit such information will be through getting feedback from your managers and employees as frequently as possible. This will help the IT specialist to diagnose the problem so as to advise on better technology.”

Is your equipment simply outdated?

Arguably, this should have been our first question. Simply put, using old equipment is bad for business. “In these days of increased global competition, you may find that your competitors have you out-innovated and are using the latest tools to get the job done,” says Amin, “Global competition means you’re not just competing with the businesses that you see, rather those that you don’t see, but know are out there.”

Do away with that old printer! Upgrade your computers! And look into an alternative business funding source to afford the new equipment your company needs! Synergy Merchants can help with that. To learn all about our unique merchant cash advance program, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at You can also apply online for a free, no obligation quote!

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