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19Apr 18

Why Having Bad Credit Makes Banks Avoid Your Business

“Please George! Can I please borrow your bike? I promise I’ll bring it back to you tomorrow,” pleaded Roger. “Sorry George, I don’t think so,” Roger replied, “Mike told me he leant you a video game last month and you still haven’t returned it.” The above text could just as easily be a continuation of the children’s storybook we introduced…

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17Apr 18

Why Having No Collateral May Get Your Bank Loan Denied

“I’ll let you borrow my bike, but what are you going to let me borrow in return?” asked George. “How about my baseball glove?” Roger replied. “Your glove isn’t worth the same as my bike. No deal,” said George. The above text could easily appear in a children’s storybook about borrowing and sharing. However, it also serves as a basic…

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12Apr 18

The Art Of Avoiding Bad Online Reviews For Your Brand

In our last blog, we highlighted the definition of branding and explained just how important it is to establish your brand in the public eye. To reiterate, branding is a lot more than just your company logo and physical marketing material. It also has everything to do with how you make your customers feel. Truly standing out from your competition…

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