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Are You Taking Your Business Outdoors This Summer?

Here’s hoping your summer is as lovely as the one we’re experiencing in Toronto, where Canadian POS has one of its corporate offices as well as its Equipment Maintenance and Deployment Centre. As of late, it’s been hot and sunny here – the perfect conditions for being outdoors.

In some of our recent blogs, we’ve highlighted a number of benefits of taking your business on the road with you. Appearing as a vendor at trade shows, sponsoring such events as music festivals and golf tournaments and even hosting your own barbeque are all summer-based business opportunities your company should take advantage of.

Think about your employees.

Since we’ve covered many benefits of taking your business outside of the confines of its four walls, allow us to enlighten you on another way to take your business outdoors this summer. Is there any way you can offer your employees the ability to do their work while enjoying the warmth and sunshine? According to Elaine Meyer on, it worked wonders for outdoor apparel company, L.L. Bean.

She informs us that the company’s website revealed that, according to research, spending time outside makes workers more productive, more creative and happier. “Why take your office work outside?” asks Meyer, “L.L. Bean says it has chosen to focus on the workplace — rather than say, encouraging people to hike or camp — because work is where we spend so much of our time — from around one-half to one-third of our waking hours.”

Working outside can help to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Let’s examine a certain truth, shall we? When it’s warm and sunny outside, and you’re all cooped up inside an office, you’re not having much fun, are you? Of course, no work place is all fun and games, but given the importance of offering workers positive working environments in order to boost their morale (and therefore, their productivity), wouldn’t it be wise to work outside now and again?

As Meyer informs us, L.L. Bean and other businesses say that working outside can help reduce some of the common problems people have at the office. She cites a lack of focus and engagement as examples, noting that the concept of outdoor work can help to improve workers’ performance, creativity and general well-being.

You can also process sales outdoors!

As we mentioned earlier, we are currently enjoying the perfect time of year to take your business on the road. As a business owner, you have numerous opportunities to reach out and be where the members of your company’s target audience are. On, Rob Hard advises event planners to prepare summer events for a wide variety of businesses.

“As an event planner, you should always be prepared to suggest summer event ideas for your various corporate hospitality events, customer and employee appreciation events, product launches, and even sales meetings,” he advises. Among his best ideas are golf tournaments, baseball games, horse races, concerts and even cruises.

Need some help taking your business outdoors this summer?

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