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4 Tips To Get Customers Excited About Your Restaurant This Fall

As we pointed out in our last blog, the fall season officially gets underway on the 23rd of September. Don’t shoot the messenger! We love the summertime as much as the next person. Restaurant owners are among those business owners who especially relish the warm weather because it allows them to welcome more guests to their patios. However, when the autumn season arrives, it doesn’t necessarily mean that restaurant patronage has to dip.

Here are four tips to get customers excited about your restaurant this fall:

1. Create a cozy ambiance.

Fall is all about coziness and comfort. So why not transform your restaurant’s ambiance to match the season? Replace bright summer décor with warm, earthy tones. Add elements like rustic wooden tables, soft blankets and flickering candles to create a snug and inviting atmosphere. Play soft acoustic music or the crackling sound of a fireplace to enhance the ambiance.

“If you have outdoor seating don’t forget to make your customers feel cozy and warm with soft blankets or throws so people can continue to enjoy eating outside even as the weather gets frisky,” recommends restaurant booking platform, TheFork.

2. Embrace the flavours of the season.

Create a menu filled with autumn-inspired dishes. They should feature ingredients like pumpkin, butternut squash, apples and hearty root vegetables. Classic comfort foods like soups, stews and roasted meats will also resonate with diners looking to warm up on chilly evenings. Don’t forget to include a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to cater to a diverse range of tastes.

“Think kale, cabbage or fennel with apples, quinoa and other grains, as well as protein rich nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts (be careful to always mention nuts in any recipe as some people have nut allergies),” advises TheFork, “Don’t forget the quintessentially fall fruit, chestnuts, delicious roasted or boiled served with game or chicken, paired with pumpkin in soup, candied, pureed and more.”

3. Launch creative fall promotions and events.

Host a pumpkin carving contest, apple pie baking competition or a themed wine and cheese night featuring seasonal pairings. Consider offering loyalty programs or discounts to reward repeat customers and encourage them to visit more frequently.

It’s also wise to boost your online presence to attract a younger crowd. Leverage social media platforms to promote your unique fall-themed offerings. Share mouth-watering photos of your seasonal dishes and drinks. As well, be sure to engage with your audience by asking for their favourite fall memories or recipes.

4. Enhance your beverage menu.

Think seasonal cocktails and mocktails that embrace the flavours of fall. Why not craft creative concoctions using such ingredients as spiced rum, apple cider, cinnamon and cranberry juice? Feature signature drinks with catchy names like “Autumn Spice Punch” or “Harvest Moon Martini” to pique curiosity.

Be sure to include non-alcoholic options for designated drivers and patrons who prefer alcohol-free beverages. Offering a variety of autumn-inspired drinks will ensure that customers can enjoy a well-rounded dining experience at your restaurant.

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