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4 Simple Yet Smart Methods Of Achieving Business Growth

Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impacts. And in the world of small business growth, this is most certainly true. Too often, business owners overanalyze methods of growing their companies. They think too deeply about doing things are that are unique and innovative in order to see profits rise. And while it’s always a good idea to be original in order to stand out, sometimes it’s best to stick with tried-and-true techniques.

Here are four simple yet smart methods of achieving business growth:

1. Be the face of your brand. It’s important to remember that you have a distinct advantage over the owners of major corporations. Customers almost never meet such people face-to-face. By being able to have personal interactions with your customers, you have the ability to endear your brand to them in a much more personal way. People attach themselves to people they like. Remember that getting people to like you personally is a great way to grow the popularity of your brand.

“One of the biggest reasons that small businesses fail is because of the persistent absence of the business owner,” says Caron Beesley on, “Without an actively engaged owner, employees lose motivation and structure, which can quickly lead to sloppy service, a poor product and customer churn. Yes, your business needs to be able to function without your constant presence, but it’s important to strike a balance – find ways to make sure your customers know you and connect with the face behind the business.”

2. Make your presence known at trade shows. Branching off of that last point, business owners should take advantage of every trade show and business conference that they can. Especially when such events are directly related to your industry, it’s important to show up, set up a booth and introduce yourself as a major player in the game. Needless to say, trade shows provide the perfect opportunities to meet members of your target audience face-to-face.

“Trade shows can be a great way to grow, “ insists Susan Ward on, “Because trade shows draw people who are already interested in the type of product or service you offer, they can powerfully improve your bottom line. The trick is to select the trade shows you participate in carefully, seeking the right match for your product or service.”

3. Always make good on your promises. Customers need to feel confident that the businesses they support are trustworthy. Simple things like returning phone calls, meeting deadlines and shipping products so that they arrive on time go a long way with consumers. When people feel like they can’t depend on the companies they do business with, they are quick to find solutions from the competition.

“Letting your customers down by failing to live up to your own promises and brand standards can be particularly harmful for small businesses that depend heavily on referrals,” writes Beesley, “The foundation of brand loyalty lies in great service – a happy customer is a loyal customer. So make sure you aren’t making promises that you can’t keep – whether you run a pizza business and pledge to deliver within 30 minutes, or are a painting contractor who promises to start a job on a Monday at 9:00 AM sharp. Stand by your promises.”

4. Get a merchant cash advance. Advertising, renovations, buying inventory and new equipment and expansion – these are just a few of the biggest ways that small business owners seek to grow their businesses. And to pull any of these ideas off, funding is necessary. At Synergy Merchants, we provide Canadian business owners with merchant cash advances based on their credit card and debit card sales. And we can get them their money within 24 hours!

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