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4 Keys To Help Restaurant Owners Open New Locations

Are you looking for a new set of keys? You know the type that can open the doors to a brand new location for your restaurant? If so, it’s time to begin considering some realistic steps to take in order to expand. Your restaurant has enjoyed great success at its current location. So why wouldn’t you consider opening another spot for members of your target audience to enjoy?

Here are four keys to help restaurant owners open new locations:

1. Conduct research to find an ideal new spot.

As you’re surely aware, geography plays a huge role in a company’s success. It’s all about choosing the right location for your new restaurant. Through market research, you can learn about the demographics and competition of each area you’re considering. Be sure to look for locations with high foot traffic, ample parking and easy access. As well, you’ll want to tap into the dining preferences of the neighbourhoods. Make sure your concept aligns with their tastes.

“By researching population size, average income level, types of restaurants already in the area, and other factors, restaurant owners can better understand how their business could fare in that area,” writes Alipio Umiten IV for Revolution Ordering, “Location plays an important role in the success of a restaurant. It is essential to pick a place with enough customers to support the business while avoiding overcrowding with too much competition.”

2. Generate a buzz for your new location.

Naturally, you’ll want your new location to be a popular one. Once you’ve landed on a site, it’s time to get a new marketing campaign underway. By building awareness and generating buzz around your new restaurant, you will be able to attract new customers. Be inventive. Use a mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies, such as social media promotions, local advertising and partnerships with local influencers. As well, be sure to get active on social media.

“Post beautiful, inviting photos of your food on social media,” insists Restaurant Engine, “Take short videos of your restaurant in various stages before it opens and share them online. Engage your audience. Throw in contests, quizzes, helpful tips and links to your blog posts. Intersperse these posts with coupons, but don’t do this too often. Remember – social media is about the conversation. Talk first, sell later.”

3. Hire a vibrant new staff.

Opening a new location for your restaurant means it’s time to go on a hiring spree. Formulating and training a capable team is crucial for the smooth operation of your fresh new spot. It’s important to recruit experienced staff members who understand your brand’s values and can deliver exceptional service. Be sure to provide comprehensive training to ensure consistency in food quality, service standards and brand representation across all your locations.

“Restaurant managers should seek recruiting support, whether from the corporate headquarters, other employees or resources online,” recommends Harver, “By learning the best practices for screening, interviewing, writing job descriptions, managing expectations, candidate selection, and other areas of recruiting, restaurant managers can improve the hiring process overall. A little know-how goes a long way when it comes to effective hiring.”

4. Apply for a merchant cash advance.

Many restaurant owners throughout Canada assume they will never be able to afford their plans to expand. This is where Synergy Merchants can help. Our unique merchant cash advance program can get you the funding you need within 24 hours, helping you to put your expansion plans into action right away! Contact us to get a free, no obligation quote today! Call 1-877-718-2026 or email You can also apply online!

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