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3 Ways To Build A Strong Team For Your Small Business

Having worked with numerous Canadian business owners for the better part of the last decade, the Synergy Merchants team is well aware of the most important traits of successful businesses. Among those important traits is having an exceptionally strong team. In fact, it can be confidently stated that a business is only as strong as the team that works for it. Having dedicated and talented team members makes all the difference in the world.

This is why so many of our clients utilize portions of their merchant cash advance to invest in their hiring and training practices. Ensuring that their offices are inhabited by individuals who are contributors, team players and problem solvers is what helps them their companies to succeed. Of course, the putting together of a strong team requires the know-how and expertise of a strong team leader as well.

Here are three ways to build a strong team for your small business:

1. Hire new employees with the right attitude. Of course you’re looking for new hires who possess all of the go-to traits of a strong employee. Surely, it makes sense to hire hard-working, intelligent team players with educational backgrounds and experience in your field. However, even the strongest candidates may be the worst choices for your team. Hiring people with awesome attitudes can have a very positive impact on your business.

“You can teach skills, but you can’t teach attitude,” says Joslin Woods on, “and it’s nearly impossible to make someone fit in with the rest of the organization. Before meeting with job candidates, make sure you have a strong sense of your company’s culture and work environment…You might also consider having potential hires meet your current staff during the interview process to ensure that their attitudes mesh.”

2. Don’t rush the hiring process. Take your time people! The building of your team is arguably the most important step in making sure your business grows successfully. Remember that brining in new team members can either disrupt or invigorate the team you already have. Be sure to advise your hiring managers to meticulously go through the necessary steps to hire the right employees for your work environment.

“Even as your business grows and your workforce expands, you still want to maintain collaboration and teamwork among your employees,” says Woods, “To avoid turbulence with existing employees when bringing in new staff, (be) slow to hire new employees. This way, you’ll be able to gauge whether new staff members will be productive additions to your organization. You can also minimize friction between existing and new employees by ensuring new hires are properly trained.”

3. Conduct regular team-building exercises. Having a strong team may begin with hiring competent individuals. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that those individuals will work well together. You may have many talented employees with strong personalities that may not mesh with their co-workers. As a result, it’s of vital importance to conduct team-building exercises to inspire camaraderie and cooperation.

On, Jeff Haden offers up some suggestions for team-building exercises. “The best activities are those that the entire team feels proud to participate in,” he informs, “Sports make for superb outings that allow employees to work together and get physical exercise…Simple, casual trips like visiting a park or museum or going to a baseball game can work wonders for your team.”

If you’re in need of additional business funding to help put together a strong team for your small business, Synergy Merchants is here to help! For more information on our merchant cash advance program or to speak with one of our licensed funding specialists to get a free, no obligation quote, simply give us a call at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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