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3 Sweet Marketing Strategies That Will Woo Valentine’s Day Shoppers

Valentine’s Day arrives next week! For retailers all over Canada, this is an opportune time to drive sales. The special occasion is known to create some of the busiest shopping days of the year. Naturally, there is a lot of competition out there, no matter your industry. As a result, it’s crucial to market your brand in a way that separates it from others. What will you do to make consumers fall in love with you this Valentine’s Day?

Here are three sweet marketing strategies that will woo Valentine’s Day shoppers:

1. Create “couples” for sale.

Compelling deals and discounts resonate with shoppers all year round. But keep the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day in mind. Why not create some “couples” to sell? For example, pairing chocolates with flowers or earrings with perfume can help you to entice bargain-hunting lovebirds. You may also opt to offer complimentary gifts with minimum purchases to incentivize shoppers to spend more.

“By combining products already offered and adding festive, holiday-themed packaging, you can create a simple and effective Valentine’s Day promotion in a flash,” writes Nitzan Solomon on, “Adding a discounted price to the bundle is a surefire way to get your customer’s attention.”

2. Launch an attractive social media campaign.

Remember that Facebook, X and Instagram are excellent locations for your brand’s marketing messages to be shared. Come up with some inventive ways to lure the attention of your friends and followers. Run contests, share user-generated content featuring your products and create interactive polls or quizzes related to Valentine’s Day. Encourage customers to share their love stories or gift ideas, creating a buzz around your brand.

“Get romantic on social media in the lead up to an event or offer,” recommends, “Profess your undying love to your regular customers and followers with something exclusively for them on Instagram Stories or other expiring content. Create stunning visual quotes, tips and GIFs leading up to your Valentine’s Day Promotion to get them all loved up!  Use one or more of the editable templates we are providing for free.”

3. Curate a Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Making life easy for shoppers is an excellent way to attract them to your store. Not everyone knows exactly what to buy for their romantic partners. Give them a bunch of great ideas through a Valentine’s Day gift guide. Curate a list of options and categorize them on your website. You can make them as simple as “Gifts For Her” or “Gifts For Him” or get a little creative. “For Sports Fans” or “For Music Lovers” are other ideas. Which categories would best suit your offerings?

“E-commerce sites, such as Ulta, make shopping for Valentine’s Day easy by creating a VDay gift section on their site,” informs Solomon, “This is an easy promotion idea that doesn’t specifically require themed products. By simply adding Valentine’s Day-themed colors and content to the suggested gift list, businesses can utilize Valentine’s Day buzz to generate sales.”

Need help getting your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign off the ground?

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