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3 Helpful Hints For Hunting Down A New Business Partner

We’re still in the first month of 2024. With the year still pretty young, it’s possible you still have some New Year’s Resolutions to get off the ground. Is one of them sparking a new business partnership to help your brand get to the next level? As you’re likely aware, finding the perfect business partner can be a daunting task. It’s wise to employ some smart strategies to locate the fellow entrepreneur who you can join forces with.

Here are three helpful hints for hunting down a new business partner:

1. Utilize online platforms and communities.

As this stage of the game, this should be a no-brainer. In today’s online-obsessed world, it’s vital that you utilize as many online resources as you can. Don’t forget websites like LinkedIn, AngelList and CoFoundersLab. They are popular platforms that allow you to create a profile that can highlight your skills, experience and business ideas. They also let you search for and connect with professionals who have complementary skills and interests. has an entire category devoted to “career and business”, informs Randa Kriss of NerdWallet. “(The website) can direct you to online or in-person gatherings of like-minded professionals in your area,” she writes, “To this point, when you’re learning how to find a business partner online, one important thing to keep in mind is how distance could potentially impact the logistics of your business partnership.”

2. Attend industry-specific events.

While we live in an internet-loving society, the power of the face-to-face meeting still can’t be beat. Don’t underestimate the value of industry-specific events and meetups. Those that cater to professionals in your field can provide valuable networking opportunities. By attending them, you can connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the same industry or niche.

“If you’re starting a business that will offer eco-friendly products, consider attending a sustainability conference,” encourages the team at Indeed, “If you’re looking for a partner in the dog industry, consider networking at a pet expo…To find a business partner with strong finance skills, you might want to attend a conference focused on the financial sector or one that might naturally have several attendees with a financial background.”

3. Join an entrepreneurial organization. 

An entrepreneurial organization can provide you with access to a wide network of professionals who are actively seeking new opportunities and partnerships. These organizations often host networking events, workshops and seminars where you can meet potential partners and learn from experienced businesspeople. Being part of such organizations can enhance your credibility and visibility within the entrepreneurial community.

Not to mention, joining an entrepreneurial organization can help you to engage in collaborative projects or initiatives within your industry. Become part of a joint research project, a co-authored article or a community outreach program. Collaborating with other professionals can help you build relationships and gauge compatibility for a potential partnership.

Are you interested in creating a new business partnership?

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